Need a gift for someone who thoroughly enjoys barbecuing? Find something suitable in the Everything but Flowers catalogue for BBQ and cooking. Our catalogue includes novelty barbecue lighters and even condiment guns, so you will surely find something original.

BBQ & Cooking Tools As Gifts

Do you have any friends or a dear family member who enjoys cooking and barbeque food? At Everything But Flowers, we have the best gifts or birthday presents that you can find. Check out our range of Barbeque and Cooking tools to find the perfect birthday present for your dear family member of your friends.

My friend enjoys having shots. Is there anything I can get for him from Everything But Flowers?

Well, you are at the right place! Everything But Flowers has all the amazing gifts or birthday presents you can find. For someone who loves having shots, we definitely have something for him! Browse our range of Barbeque and Cooking Tools and look for this adorable Cowboy Boot Shot Glass Set/4. You can always plan a party with this adorable set of shot glass. No matter what kind of drink you choose to put in them, you and your guests will soon be kicking back and having a grand time. These shot glasses hold a single shot of liquor which is (30ml). It is made of thick and durable glass, able to withstand the clumsiness of party-goers. 

You can also take a look at our Connoisseurs Beer Tasting Paddle which is a wooden paddle designed with four holes that can fit glass bottoms perfectly. Its polished surface blends well with any beer glass style. Give this distinctive beer tasting paddle to men and to beer lovers to enjoy high-quality beer tasting experience! Not particularly for shots, but it’s one amazing birthday present or gift as well!

Are there any barbeque lighters available on Everything But Flowers?

Yes! At Everything But Flowers, we have almost everything! Anything beautiful, special, adorable, fit for a gift or a birthday present for your someone special or your friends. We have funny-looking barbeque lighters available at Everything But Flowers! Do browse our range of goods and look for Trout BBQ Lighter, Marlin Barbeque Lighter, Screw Driver Barbeque Lighter, Bolt Action Rifle Barbeque Lighter, Fishing Rod Barbeque Lighter and Arrow BBQ Lighter. With these choices available, you can always pick your favourite! Surprise your friends during your Barbeque party with these funny-looking barbeque lighters! 

Are there any cool gifts you can suggest that are available at Everything But Flowers?

Everything But Flowers has all the cool gifts, of course! You can always find anything cool or special on our website. Whether it’s a gift for your someone special or friends, or a birthday present, we have it all! If you’re still looking for something to bring on the fun at a Barbeque party or to spice up that birthday party with amazing surprises and gifts, then browse our amazing selection of goods! 

Check our Barbeque Branding Iron, a creative and amazing iron that comes with all the letters in the alphabet and spaces that allow you to spell out just about anything. You’ll know which steak belongs to who if you get to put a name on it! Cool, isn’t it?

For more information about our amazing and cool gifts, log on to our website to find out more!