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Books for Kids

Toys may come and go but a book is something that can be cherished forever. Scribe who it is To and From just inside of the front cover and truly capture the moment! From kid's picture books, activity books, kid's colouring books and novels, we have a spectacular kids books range right here! 

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Books of Presents for Kids

When was the last time you saw a kid immersing his pupils freely on the wide, smooth surfaces of a book? This was probably a long time ago; all you could currently imagine are kids, soaking their fingers in buttons with the icons triangle, circle, square and X-- each representing a particular combat move in a hit arcade game. Or maybe all you could imagine are kids sitting on the couch for three hours, munching on potato chips and watching television shows we all aren’t sure if these programs actually teach something that could promote their growth.

We’re often doubtful of today’s generation, but hey, we can do something about it. How? Well, it starts with gift-giving; offering presents for kids.

Yes, presents for kids. And not only presents – if you are in the solid hopes of actually manoeuvring these kids towards enlightenment, then giving books as gifts is one great mark.

Everything But Flowers, luckily, offers a wide collection of books and other related educational materials. Creative, fun-to-use, and communicative enough to cater the young minds – definitely great choices as presents for kids!

Amusing Tales as Presents for Kids

Without doubt, Everything But Flowers knows how to pick the best (and by best, we mean the ones which “can be easily understood and appreciated but nevertheless heavily connects to the kid’s heart and mind” kind of best) stories. With observing how the line-up of narratives are arranged and selected, you’d immediately sense that the books are indeed ideal presents for kids. The little ones would surely not utter the phrase “I’m bored” at any point once they chance upon the wondrous children’s book, “Goodnight Darth Vader”. It screams minutes of adventure and really dreamy dips of dreams.

There’s also this book entitled “So You Think You’re A Skateboarder” which basically is a collection of Alex Irvine’s 50 street tales. And oh, this curiosity-tolerating material is even supplemented by the illustrator Paul Parker. Still not convinced on how Everything But Flowers see to it that they offer unique presents for kids? Well, you can be brought to a zombie adventure. Yes, you read that right—with “You Might Be a Zombie and Other Bad News”, a witty collection of shocking facts that’ll surely leave you in awe. And oh, who would even miss purchasing “Adventure Time Collection of Awesomeness Book Set”?

Colouring Books, Colouring Books!

Narratives aren’t the only things in Everything But Flowers’ options as presents for kids. There is also a wide variety of colouring books, ready to pacify the artistic yearn of the young minds. It will surely feel like one gargantuan, sparkly journey in “Lots of Things to Find and Colour in FAIRYLAND” colouring book, and *gasp*, there might be even some kind of unconventional activity waiting for these kids because of “The Neon Colouring Book”. The illustrations and colour schemes of the material are exhilarating. Colouring books are potentially fantastic presents for kids.

Other Crafty Materials as Presents for Kids

Everything But Flowers also lays out a twelve-piece set of Sparkle Gel Water Colour Crayons and a six-piece set of washable body doodlers as presents for kids. Both are guaranteed to make every colouring session one big of an experience at any time of the day.