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Books, Puzzles & Games for Men

Looking for the perfect gift for the intellectual and educated man? Then you simply cannot go wrong with mens books, puzzles & games. Our mens gifts are not limited to snacks and beer, because you can also find food for the mind. 

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Check Out the Unique Books for Boyfriends, Husbands, and Dads at Everything but Flowers!

Books are still considered amongst some of the top gifts in Australia, so our collection of books demands some serious consideration for any special occasion. Below, customers can find some top book choices for men, so if you need some inspiration for your recipient, be sure to check out our suggestions below.

What Are Some Birthday Ideas for Boyfriends?

One of the gifts you could consider for a man’s birthday is a good book. Of course, you do not always have to choose heavy literature, because there are countless easy-reading books that you could consider for your recipient’s birthday. Want some recommendations, check out our top two suggestions below.

Halliday Wine Companion

There are many books you can consider for a birthday, even some specialised ones such as the Halliday Wine Companion. The Halliday Wine Companion describes some of Australia’s finest wine releases, but also winemaking techniques, food pairings, and anything else the wine lover would love to know about Australian wines. Therefore, this book is an excellent choice for the birthday of the wine lover.

The Great Bounty Gift Set

Another specialised book you could consider is a part of a set, more specifically the Garden Bounty Set. Inside this set, customers can find some quality gardening tools from designer Stephanie Alexander. It also contains Backyard Bounty, a book suitable for beginning and experienced gardeners.

What Are Some Book Gift Ideas for Men?

There are some extremely original books available at Everything but Flowers, so customers do not have to choose specialised books from our range; for example, books for gardeners or wine lovers. Below, you will find some amazing novelty choices, which are bound to be an excellent read for your recipient.

Homer’s Odyssey Unofficial Guide

Is your recipient a big fan of the Simpsons? If so, be sure to consider Homer’s Odyssey, an Embiggered Simpsons Guide. The guide is the ultimate book for Simpsons fans, providing them with details on cameos, music, trivia, and hidden jokes throughout the series. It is certainly a read that every Simpsons fanatic will love.

100 Reasons to Panic About: Getting Old

Some books do not take themselves to seriously; this is certainly the case for 100 Reasons to Panic About: Getting Old. The perfect present for a birthday, this book provides a hilarious look on the small changes a person experiences as they get older. While getting older may feel daunting, it certainly becomes funnier with this novelty book from Everything but Flowers.

What Are the Best Book Gifts for Men?

At Everything but Flowers, there are some books that are more popular than others. Below, you will find our two bestsellers, which you could consider for your recipient’s special occasion.

The Great Australian Baking Book

Cooking and baking is no longer reserved for women, since more and more men are getting an interest in spending some quality time in the kitchen. Given this change, it is no surprise that The Great Australian Baking Book is a favourite in our books for men collection!

Inside The Great Australian Baking Book, your recipient will find countless recipes, tips, and hints, provided by some of Australia’s finest bakers. It even includes gluten-free and sugar-free treats, so there is something suitable for everyone, even those with a special diet.

Lonely Planet’s Global Beer Tour

We are not surprised that one of the most popular books for men revolves around beer. Lonely Planet’s Global Beer Tour describes the best beers, breweries, and bars from more than thirty different nations. Therefore, this book is an exquisite choice for any man with a keen interest in the world’s finest beers.

Of course, Everything but Flowers also has books that provide an in-depth overview of Australian beers. Depending on the beer preference of your recipient, you could consider one of these Australian beer books too. We even have some beer hampers with Australian beers to complement the book if you wish to do so.

Why Do Men Like Books as Gifts?

Books have been a popular Australian gift for many men, since this is a gift that can be treasured forever. Unlike some other gifts, books are made to stand the test of time, so your recipient can keep a hold of his treasured present for many years to come.

We must also mention that it is easier for customers to match a book with their recipient. There are many specialised books, which means it is more straightforward to find a specialised book for your recipient.

Humour Books

Humour books are the perfect mens gifts for those who like to read, but are also up for a joke every now and then. Some humoristic mens books that we can recommend are Zombies Have Issues, How to Swear around the World and The Man Plan.

Men who enjoy a good laugh will certainly appreciate these mens gifts and these particular mens books will definitely be in the bookshelf for a number of years.

Gourmet Books

Men who like good food and reading, will love to receive some mens books that discuss this particular topic. Mens gifts do not always have to be gourmet hampers, you can go for some educational and informative gourmet books as well.

There are a number of mens books we can recommend for this particular subject, including The Mixer’s Manual, The Gentleman’s Guide to Cocktails and Pancakes, Crepes, Waffles & French Toast.

Unusual Books

Not all mens books can be easily placed in a category and the same goes for some of the unusual books we have in our mens gifts collection. If you want to gift a truly unique book, then we can recommend Man Caves, A Pug’s Guide to Etiquette and the Shakespeare Insult Generator.

Most of the unusual books have a humoristic element, while incorporating it with history and research, so it will be quite the interesting read for the recipient.

Gift Personalisation Options

Before you buy mens books as a gift, you can choose a number of gift personalisation options before the checkout. Customers can include a message on the card. This message can contain up to 500 characters and will be created in a very professional way. However, when you enter the message on the card, do not forget to say who it is from!

Customers also get the option to choose special gift wrapping for all mens books. Professional and luxurious gift wrapping is available for the small fee of $ 5.95 and will ensure that you do not have to worry about the wrapping once the present arrives. There are many gift wrapping colours available as well, going from royal purple to chocolate brown.

All mens gifts that are purchased on Everything but Flowers come with a free gift card, but you can select other options as well. For $ 4.95, you can add a beautiful gift card of your choice, so you will not have to go shopping for cards either!

Need Some Advice About Mens Books?

Having trouble deciding which book to get? Ask our experts and discover the perfect book for the person you have in mind. By describing the character of the person you are buying this for, we can determine what the best choice would be. So if you are stuck, do not hesitate to contact our gift giving professionals!

Buying a book as a gift for a man who likes to read? Why not choose your gift from the large selection of books for men, available for affordable prices at Everything but Flowers? Our range of books includes standard coffee table books, but also novelty books, cook books and special interest books you will find difficult finding somewhere else. Examples of the books inside the Everything but Flowers range include the Whisky Notes Book, the Waterproof Notebook, the Barber Book Hardcover, Cop-Outs & Alibis and Varietal Wines. To see more titles that could interest your recipient, be sure to browse our range of books for men further.

Sometimes it can be difficult to buy a book for an avid reader though, because you never know which books they already own. To counter this problem, Everything but Flowers offers its customers various gift vouchers, which can be gifted to the recipient directly. Once the recipient receives the gift voucher, he can use it to buy any or multiple books on Everything but Flowers, depending on the amount of money on the voucher. So, if you are in doubt about book choices when browsing our range, simply pick one of our vouchers to still give your recipient a nice surprise!