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Free Standard Gift Cards

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Deluxe Embossed Wrapping and Ribbon

$5.95 each, select your choice of Ribbon Colour during the Checkout process.

Canary Yellow

Vibrant Red

Royal Purple

Baby Blue

Soft Pink

Navy Blue

Premium Gift Cards

$3.95 each, select your choice during the Checkout process.

Thank You Floral

Thank You Navy

Congrats Floral

Congrats Navy

Happy B'Day Floral

Happy B'Day Navy

Happy B'Day Monkey

Happy B'Day Melon

Blank Aeroplanes

Blank Butterflies

Blank Floral

Blank Navy

Cross Gold

Cross Blue

Cross Pink

Baby Blue

Baby Pink


Want to Make Your Gift More Personal? Use the Gift Customisation Options at Everything but Flowers!

Gifting the perfect gift is not just about the present you buy, it is also about the right presentation. To help you present your Christmas presents, birthday presents or any other presents in the right manner, we have written-down some useful tips and hints to help you.

What Gift Wrap Should I Use for Christmas Presents?

During the Christmas period, we usually have a free Christmas-themed gift card that can be added to your Christmas present. However; this does not mean you cannot use one of our premium gift cards, because our team always make sure there are plenty of options available to you. Each gift card that is attached to a Christmas present can be personalised with a nice message, so the gift immediately has some extra value to it.

To finish your Christmas present, we recommend using some of the Deluxe Embossed Wrapping and a Matching Ribbon. During the holidays, it is best to use the Vibrant Red Ribbon, but you could use the Royal Purple too.

What Gift Wrap Should I Use for Birthday Presents?

When it comes to choosing gift wrap and gift cards for birthday presents, you have a lot of freedom. You can use gift wrap to match the gender of your recipient, but also gift wrap to match the season. Of course, you can also choose your recipient’s favourite colour for the birthday presents.

Once you have selected the embossed wrapping and ribbon during the check-out, you can also add one of our themed gift cards. Like with our Christmas presents, you can choose a free gift card for your birthday presents, but also one of our premium cards.

Since birthday cards are used quite often on Everything but Flowers, customers will find numerous options under the premium gift cards collection. There are suitable designs for adult recipients, but also for toddlers, children and teens. For adult recipients, you could choose one of our even-coloured gift card or gift cards with floral design. For children, we recommend the butterflies, aeroplanes, monkey or melon design.

What Gift Wrap Should I Use for Valentine’s Day?

Since red is the colour of love, we recommend using the Vibrant Red Ribbon for your Valentine’s Day gifts. You can also find a free gift card to match your gift during the Valentine’s Day period. There are also some other options under the premium gift cards selection that your recipient will love.

When choosing a premium gift card for your Valentine’s Day gift, we do recommend sticking with a gender-specific colour. If you are buying a gift for a woman, then you could choose a floral or a pink premium gift card. However, if you are buying a gift for a man on Valentine’s Day, then you could consider one of the blue or navy options.

What Gift Wrap Should I Use for Toddlers, Children and Teens?

Finding the right gift wrap for toddlers, children and teens is probably easiest, because our deluxe embossed wrapping and ribbon options gives you two clear options – the baby blue and the bright pink ribbons. Simply choose the ribbon that matches your recipient to get the best effect.

The same rule applies to premium gift cards attached to your gift. When you choose a premium gift card, try to stick with a gender colour; this means blue, light blue and navy for boys and pink, red tones for girls. Of course, you can also choose the free gift card design.

What Gift Wrap Should I Choose for Mother’s Day?

For a special occasion such as Mother’s Day, we suggest the Deluxe Embossed Wrapping with Bright Pink Ribbon. Of course, you could also be choosing one of our Mother’s Day Hampers, in which case extra gift wrap is not necessary. However, if you choose a Mother’s Day Hamper, you can still use of the gift tags provided by Everything but Flowers.

The best option when it comes to gift tags for Mother’s Day is something with a floral pattern, since flowers are often associated with this special day. So, if you are unsure about the best gift tag for your mum, you can be sure that a floral design is a safe choice.

What Gift Wrap Should I Choose for Father’s Day?

If you have bought a Father’s Day Gift at Everything but Flowers, we recommend using the Deluxe Embossed Wrapping with Navy-Blue Ribbon. The Navy-Blue Ribbon is a favourite amongst Australian dads and will ensure your gift is presented properly.

To match your Navy-Blue Ribbon, you could choose one of the navy card designs in our selection of premium gift cards. For Father’s Day, you could also choose the free Father’s Day gift card design. Of course, this comes down to your personal preferences.

What Gift Wrap Should I Choose for Anniversaries?

The gift wrap you choose for anniversaries will depend on your recipient. If you are buying an anniversary present for your other half, we would recommend the Deluxe Embossed Wrapping with Red Ribbon. However, if you are buying for your parents, friends or other relatives, you could consider the Navy Yellow or Royal Purple instead.

There are some premium gift card options for anniversaries too. For anniversaries, we recommend a floral pattern or a premium gift card with an even colour. You can also choose the free gift card for anniversaries, since this card is designed to work with most gifts.

Need Advice on Gift Wrap or Gift Selection?

Do you need some advice on gift wrap, premium gift cards, or your gift selection in general? Contact the Everything but Flowers team for some help. Our team is passionate about gifts; this starts with selecting gifts and goes all the way to creating the perfect present presentation. So, if you find yourself stuck on finding a gift or choosing the right gift wrap, the Everything but Flowers team will be more than happy to assist!