Escape Room 2 Players, SYD/MEL/PER

Want to Escape? Solve The Puzzle!

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This unique 90-minute escape the room journey takes two people on an educational, exciting, addictive and above all, fun adventure! It will truly test the mind, encouraging creative thinking and problem solving to plot their room escape. Located in three spots along the East Coast and one in Fremantle, Perth, the rooms are run by one of the global leaders in this awesome new trend, where they have taken the traditional idea of adventure rooms and created an almost mini-theme park style adventure that really takes it to the next level!

Located conveniently in the Perth, Sydney and Melbourne, the rooms focus on bringing the highest quality customer service to ensure participants get the full experience from start to finish. They will be transported in place and time to a scenario where they will use creativity to set themselves free! The theme of the time will see the team race against the clock to solve the challenges using clues along the way.

Lasting for 90 minutes, the team will first be briefed on their adventure before 60 minutes of play time. They will then have the chance to relax in the lounge area with refreshments where they can debrief on their methods to freedom! There is also an area full of costumes relevant to the scenario of the time, so they can dress up and take photos to keep.

Being such a bonding experience, this gift idea is perfect for family members, friends or as a unique and fun date idea for couples. The team will find themselves in a private room where they can enjoy each other while working together in a seriously fun situation! There will also be a dedicated game master assigned to their team to guide them through their experience, who can be involved to help as little or as much as they would like!

The Perth rooms are in Fremantle, while the both Sydney and Melbourne sites are conveniently located in their respective CBDs. To ensure people can come back time and time again, each location changes their room scenarios every 9 months in Perth and Melbourne, and 10-12 months in Sydney. The rooms in all locations are open from 10am-10pm, 7 days a week to work around any schedule.

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