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More and more, we have been hearing about the health benefits of pink salt – or Himalayan salt. Either through the way of food, or more recently, through mimicking the salt caves of the Himalayas through salt therapy. The therapy has been reported to assist with healing skin issues, respiratory problems, building up the immune system, and more. The best part is that it’s safe for those of all ages, and great for those wanting to keep it natural.

Everything But Flowers’ Gold Coast based 45 minute Salt Therapy Session for one offers one such space mimicking the Himalayan salt caves by offering high concentrations of dry salt aerosol in an enclosed space. Here, the customer inhales the salt, entering the sinuses and upper respiratory system, cleansing, killing bacteria, reducing inflammation, absorbing moisture, and clearing mucus.

This anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory therapy can really assist those with respiratory condition such as asthma, infections, allergies, and other through loosening up of mucus and phlegm. And for those with skin issues such as dermatitis, eczema and acnes, the dry salt aerosol environment can act as a PH regulator, which can draw fluid from blisters and kill nasty skin bacteria.

Containing over 80 minerals, Himalayan salt is a natural and gentle therapy that can be used for those of any age – from babies to seniors. And what’s more, it is incredibly relaxing – perfect for those wanting to work on fixing those ailments through a natural therapy that gives them a meditative break from busy life. Simply sit back and breathe in the benefits!

Whether a Gold Coast local or a visitor to the area, this treatment is the perfect gift for those seeking natural therapies for their irritating illnesses. 

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