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Corporate Gifts: Experiences

It’s that time in your workplace when after long hours of sweat and tears, you have finished your project successfully - and with excellence at that. You then find yourself finally finding time for you and your team to rest. Then you start feeling convicted to reward your employees and colleagues with corporate presents for a job well done. What do you do? What do you get for them? Getting things like customised mugs or gift hampers filled with drinks for unwinding is a great idea for corporate presents but sometimes it’s wise to go the extra mile.

Giving Awesome Experiences as Corporate Presents

Motivate your teammates to keep up the good work by giving them something different from the usual tokens of appreciation. Give them an experience that can create unforgettable memories that tangible gifts won’t be able to give. There are plenty of options for you to choose from and many different kinds of experiences that can be enjoyable for any type of person.

Experiences like what, though? It can be anything, really. You can give them tickets to a fun activity or something simple like free passes to enrol in fun classes. Everything But Flowers, your no. 1 online gift shop based in Australia, offers many awesome experiences that you can give to your team as corporate presents to thank them for their effort.

A look at Everything But Flowers’ Experience Gifts

Everything But Flowers offers different experiences for different kinds of people from the extremely active to those who prefer to stay indoors. These experiences are awesome as they are easily accessible and organised well enough so you don’t have to worry about certain factors while you are enjoying your experience. There are so many to choose from as corporate presents, depending on the type of person you are giving them to.

For the competitive fun lovers, we offer awesome paintball experiences! Among them are the Terminator Paintball Experience Package, the Exclusive Paintball Elite Package, and the Total Annihilation Paintball Experience Package. These packages may differ from each other in terms of what they have to offer and to what extent, but these are sure to equally give a great paintballing experience for a fun bonding time.

For the people who love flying, we offer opportunities to experience flying in an aircraft as a corporate present. You can go for the Aerobatics Pitts Special S2A Stunt Plane Sydney and Aircraft Aerobatics Experience to name a few. This is an experience your colleague would definitely never forget as they remember that they worked hard to earn it.

For the simpletons who enjoy things like food, making things, and just relaxing, Everything But Flowers also offers various classes like the Pasta Making Class, among others, and food tours like the Chocolate Walking Tour.

For the more extreme people, we offer the chance to experience totally thrilling activities like skydiving and surfing. This is definitely something that cannot be forgotten and is an excellent corporate present to give them their well-deserved unwinding from stressful hours spent at work.

Give Them the Experience Now!

Say thank you by giving your team time off to have a great time with Everything But Flowers Experience Packages as corporate presents. You can easily add these experiences to your cart along with many other equally amazing gifts that we offer. Your colleagues and employees will definitely be thankful to you for this wonderful experience that you are giving them.