Mozzarella, Bocconcini & Burrata Course, WA

A Perth Journey of Delicious Cheeses

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Italian food is some of the simplest, yet flavourful and delicious cuisine – with much of our fare gaining inspiration from the beautiful country. Their cheese is no exception, with mozzarella being a classic favourite – originally being made from buffalo milk, it has evolved; making it so incredibly versatile, forming the basis for the likes of burrata (think decadent pockets of firm mozzarella outer, with a gooey and creamy inner made from cream and other goodies), and the much-loved, bocconcini. Our Mozzarella, Bocconcini & Burrata Cheese Making Course inspires creativity in its students, over a full-day experience of dedication, patience and serious fun.

Found around only half an hour from Perth, set in beautiful natural surrounds, this course is not just about the cheese making! Morning tea will be provided, complete with refreshments and barista made coffee; as well as tastings throughout the day. No mozzarella class would be complete without pizza! Each student will be able to create their very own pizza with delicious fresh cheese to indulge in over a lunch with their new classmate friends, and a glass of wine from the onsite winery!

Beyond this, participants will also each be given their very own “Mozzarella, Bocconcini and Burrata Home Cheese Making Guide”, and a “The Cheese Maker” apron to help them through the class, and to ensure they feel equipped to recreate it all at home too. Throughout the day, their enthusiastic teacher will take them on a cheese lovers journey; creating, stretching and shaping their mouth-watering mozzarella, beautiful bocconcini, and boast-worth burrata from fresh cow’s milk, to the finished product. They will also teach essential tips and tricks to storing and presenting their cheeses, and divulge professional and creative recipes for each of the cheeses, to pass on the best ideas so they can be enjoyed by many!

For those lovers of cheese who would really love to expand their kitchen tricks, save money on cheeses, and get creative with recipes, this is a wonderful gift idea – giving the gift of a full interactive day of learning, creating, and of course, feasting! Once purchased, our vouchers can be used for 12 months, and all information will be emailed to you after checkout. The redemption process will be done directly through the experience provider.


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