Looking to strengthen the bond between your business and an important client? Or do you want to give your employees a nice experience they'll never forget? Whichever it may be, our experiences range will enable you to do just that. Discover our recommendations from the corporate presents collection below.

Surprise Important Business Relations with the Experience of a Lifetime

You could impress an important business relation with one of our excellent corporate gifts, but you could also impress them with one of our experiences! At Everything but Flowers, you can find an exquisite selection of corporate experiences, which you could use to strengthen the bond with business relations, employees, and even important clients. Read on to discover how our experiences could take your business to the next level.

What Corporate Experiences Are Available at Everything but Flowers?

Everything but Flowers has corporate experience for every type of business relation; this includes beer tours, corporate outdoor adventures, thrill-seeking experiences, wining and dining, and many others. So, no matter which experience fits your business relation, you will find an outstanding choice at Everything but Flowers!

When Should I Use Beer Experiences for Business Relations?

We recommend one of our beer experiences to reward employees. If you believe your employees need some bonding time, or if you wish to reward them for a good year, then a beer experience where they can talk and celebrate is certainly a good choice.

One of the corporate beer experiences we recommend for employees is the Urban Beer Odyssey. The Urban Beer Odyssey takes your employees among some of the best beer sites in Melbourne; this includes breweries and pubs. Included in this trip are a tour of the Moon Dog Brewery, Temple Brewery, Kooinda Brewery, Two Birds Brewery, Foresters Hall, Mountain Goat, and James Squire. So, many places to stop for your employees and to reflect on a job well done!

When Should I Choose Wine & Dining Experiences for Business Relations?

The wine experience from Everything but Flowers is an exquisite choice to impress some of your best clients. You could choose an experience just for you and one client, or an experience that allows you to pamper several important clients.

One of our experiences that could pamper many of your clients is the Food Tour & Dining Experience for 10 in Melbourne. During this experience, you can take 9 of your most important clients on a genuine gourmet adventure; this includes sampling some of the finest foods Melbourne can offer!

During the Food Tour & Dining Tour, you and your clients will meet at Federation Square, after which you can explore some of the hidden places of Melbourne. You can discover the flavours of Gewurzhaus Spice Store, Maxim’s Bakery, Ganache Chocolate, and Spring Street Grocery. The experience also includes a long stop at Pastuso Restaurant, where you and your clients will enjoy the Peruvian national cocktail – the Pisco Sour. Chef Alejandro Saravia will also serve some outstanding Peruvian flavours, letting everyone experience the finest meals from Peru.

When Should I Choose Outdoor Experiences for Business Relations?

At Everything but Flowers, you will also find outdoor experiences. These experiences are best used to strengthen the bond between management and employees. So, if you are looking for a corporate retreat that will include your employees, one of our outdoor experiences might be the right choice for you.

One of the experiences from our outdoor range is the Outback Advance Adventure Corporate. The Outback Advance Adventure Corporate enables your managers and employees to get away from the hustle and bustle from the business world. During this experience, you will leave mobile phones and computers behind, while camping in the great Australian outback.

Managers and employees will also get some valuable skills during the Outback Advance Adventure Corporate. The Outback Advance Adventure Corporate gives you and other participants the opportunity to engage in bush survival skills, develop situational awareness, and even improve your intuition. These skills are not only valuable when you find yourself in the great Australian outback, but they also prove useful in business.

If you are ready to build some lasting relationships with team members, managers or employees, the Outback Advance Adventure Corporate experience might be your best choice. Of course, there are other experiences at Everything but Flowers that could prove useful to you, so be sure to check other options available on our website to find the best experience for your employees and managers.

Where Can I Get More Inspiration for Corporate Experiences?

The corporate experiences we mentioned here today are just some examples of the possibilities at Everything but Flowers. Of course, we have many other experiences available, so be sure to check the other options in our catalogue.

Not quite sure which corporate experience your employees or important business relations would appreciate most? No problem, because Everything but Flowers also provides Gift Vouchers, which can be used by your important business relations to buy the experience they would prefer.

Do you need some advice on our corporate experiences? Or do you have a question about a corporate experience described here today? Let us know by calling our expert team!