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Trips or Experiences As Gifts For Kids

Not sure what kind of kids’ gifts are perfect for your kids? Or are you looking for trips that may be educational for your children? At Everything But Flowers, we know what kind of gifts you are looking for and we have the best kids’ gifts to offer you! In fact, these trips are incredibly fun and it can provide an educational and fun experience for your kids! 

I would like to bring my kids on a skydiving experience. Is there any that Everything But Flowers can offer?

Yes, Everything But Flowers offers not just any ordinary experiences, it offers experiences that may be fun for your kids and yourself to enjoy, which includes sky diving experiences. We have skydiving experiences in Sydney, Byron Bay, Cairns, Mission Beach and Brisbane. 

Skydive Sydney North Coast is currently one of the best offers of Everything But Flowers, that showcases the beauty of Sydney. Experience an adrenalin rush as you freefall for 60 seconds when jumping from heights of 14,000 feet! 

Skydive Byron Bay is also Australia’s number one skydive destination. The voucher includes free transfers from Byron, Gold Coast and Brisbane. Same day bookings are also available. The parachute deploys at 5,000 feet, leaving plenty of time to soar like a bird for several minutes of under canopy fun. 

All you have to do is log on to our Everything But Flowers website and look for Tandem Skydive, and select your favourite place. The vouchers will be emailed instantly or at your specified date! Get these vouchers as kids’ gifts for your children and they are sure to love it!

Are there any flight simulator or flight experiences available for my kids and I to go for a ride?

Yes, you can definitely bring your kids on board for an amazing flight experience. We have the 1-hour Airbus A320 Flight Simulator and the 30-minute Airbus A320 Flight Simulator. The choice is yours for the taking. Experience what it’s like to fly a plane with your kids. Your kids will then get a chance to experience how it’s like to fly a plane like a pilot. This will be an educational kids’ gift that will let you kids learn how the plane works. 

Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of issue. 

My kids love chocolates. Are there any walking tours available?

Yes, there are. You can choose either to go for Chocolate Walking Tour in Melbourne, or Chocolate Walking Tour for 2 in Melbourne. Experience Melbourne’s world of chocolate, hidden charms of the city’s fascinating streets, lanes and arcades in one tour. Isn’t this the best kids’ gift? Your kids will then get to explore milk and dark chocolate tastings around Melbourne’s lanes and arcades. Having the chance to experience premium dark chocolate tastings around Melbourne’s lanes and arcades is one special kids’ gift! You could also spoil yourself with milk and dark chocolate tastings! 

Purchase these vouchers as kids’ gifts for your kids to enjoy with you today!