Cross Stitch Map

A Charming Canvas Map for Creative Travelers

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This amazing Cross Stitch Map combines wanderlust and creativity to create one awesome piece of art. The set includes two embroidery needles, four colours of embroidery thread, and an 11-count polyester cross stitch canvas, which is printed with a blank map. It’s up to the crafting traveler to record their adventures with whatever colours, patterns, icons, and words they like!

The map measures 59.2 x 44 x 1.8cm. It’s mounted in a pine wood frame.

As far as novelty gifts go, this Cross Stitch Map is one of the best, because SUCK UK are experts at creating fun gifts for all. We recommend adding this wonderful present to your Everything But Flowers cart and personalising the complimentary greeting card included with your orders. Premium greeting cards are also available during checkout.

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The Men’s Novelty Presents You Must Get for Father’s Day

Many dads love a good novelty present for Father’s Day, especially dads with a good sense of humour. At Everything but Flowers, customers can find many men’s novelty presents that will be appreciated by dads, so be sure to check out our range of men’s novelty presents.

Need some present ideas for dad from our novelty range? Read our overview of men’s novelty presents below for some inspiration.

What Is the First Novelty Present I Must Get for Father’s Day?

One of our men’s novelty presents dad will appreciate is the Cross Stitch Map. The Cross Stitch Map from our men’s presents collection is perfect for travellers, since it provides your dad with the ultimate traveller’s tapestry.

The Cross Stitch Map from the men’s presents catalogue is made with a pine wood frame, thread, and needles, so this wall art is quite different from the usual prints you will find in stores.

What Is the Second Novelty Present I Must Get for Father’s Day?

Our second suggestion from our men’s presents range is brilliant for barbecue lovers, more specifically our Stainless Steel Barbecue Sausage Roller. The Stainless Steel Barbecue Sausage Roller from our men’s presents catalogue gives dads the perfect tool for evenly cooked snags. So, it is no surprise that this roller from our men’s presents catalogue becomes an essential for most dads.

The Stainless Steel Barbecue Sausage Roller from our Father’s Day presents range is made with stainless steel as well as stunning wood for the ergonomic handle. To cook sausages on the barbecue, simply grab the handle and put the sausages on top of the device. Then, roll the sausages over the barbecue to get perfectly cooked snags.

What Is the Third Novelty Present I Must Get for Father’s Day?

Another one of our suggestions from our range of Father’s Day presents is the Mini Arcade Game. With this game from our Father’s Day presents collection, your dad will never feel bored again! Whether he is in the waiting room or travelling by train, the Mini Arcade Game from our Father’s Day presents catalogue always gives him something to do.

The Mini Arcade Game from our Father’s Day presents range is a handheld console. The console provides countless 16-bit games, which are based or obtained from the classic full-sized arcade machine. So, if dad enjoys these games, he will be thoroughly amused by the classic games this compact arcade machine can offer.

Your dad will not require any connection to the electrical grid to play on the Mini Arcade Machine, because this handheld console works with 3 x AA batteries. Before you give the Mini Arcade Machine to dad, make sure you have some of these batteries on hand for him.

What Is the Fourth Novelty Present I Must Get for Father’s Day?

There are a bunch of novelty books you could obtain for Father’s Day too. One of these books is Catfulness. While this book may seem a little too silly at first, it actually provides a lot of useful information that could contribute greatly to dad’s life and wellbeing.

Catfulness may seem like a guide to cats, but it is actually a Mindfulness book. Mindfulness can help dad to become more relaxed and reduce some of the stresses he deals with on a daily basis. So, why wouldn’t you add Catfulness to your dad’s Father’s Day presents?

What Is the Fifth Novelty Present I Must Get for Father’s Day?

We have some fun games for dads too this Father’s Day; this includes a full Games Room Poker Set by Ridley’s. The poker set is perfect for a dad who often has a card night with his friends, because this set provides everything he needs for a genuine poker night.

The Games Room Poker Set enables your dad to play casino poker from the convenience of his own home. The set includes a dealer button, 2 decks of cards, and even 200 poker chips to place bets with. Inside this set, dads can also find the instructions on how to play poker, which ensures everyone who wants to play the game can do so after reading them.

What Other Novelty Presents Are Suitable for Dad This Father’s Day?

To ensure you have enough options for Father’s Day, we have expanded our range of novelty presents for men. If you find yourself in need of more inspiration, head over to the “men” section on the main menu and select “novelty” from the subcategory section. You will find many suitable novelty presents you could gift for Father’s Day.

Do you have a question about one of the novelty presents available for Father’s Day? Get your questions answered by contacting the Everything but Flowers team via email or telephone. Our team is always ready to help.