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What dinosaur fan wouldn’t want their own pet T-Rex projected on their bedroom roof! Such a fun gift for kids, the Tyrannosaurus Projector Egg from Dreams Inc offers the ultimate way to personalise their bedroom space in a nice compact way. Great for the bedroom, or a child’s playroom simply add a few drops of water to the included base and voila, a T-Rex appears.

The projector looks just like a cracked egg waiting for a baby dinosaur to appear, and the base is a stone-lookalike for a truly prehistoric look. The projector is water resistant for use in wet areas too, and is made from ABS Plastic recommended for children aged 3+. Measures 6cm x 6cm x 7.6cm.

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Dreams Tyrannosaurus Projector Egg

Are you getting frustrated with your kid who always seems to be so absorbed playing games in his tablet? Do you want your kid to realise that there is a bigger world out there to explore and discover? If so, then you should probably give as a Christmas present the toys that you owned when you were a child, and let him experience the kind of fun that you had back then.

One of the toys that never fails to touch the heart of kids as Christmas present are dinosaur toys. Everything But Flowers has found a modern twist to the well-loved children's toy. Why don't you give them the Dream Tyrannosaurus Projector Egg as kids Christmas present?

What is the Dreams Tyrannosaurus Projector Egg?

Dinosaurs are one of the most interesting creatures that ever lived in the face of the Earth. With the Dreams Tyrannosaurus Projector Egg, children will become more eager to know more about them. This nifty piece of toy features a projector that comes in the form of a cracked egg with a stone base that looks so realistic, it is as if a baby dinosaur is about to come out of it!

Operating this projector is quite easy all you need to do is just add a few drops of water to the base. It then flashes the image of one of the fiercest dinosaurs that is feared by many creatures: the Tyrannosaurus Rex! This kids Christmas present is also made to be water-resistant so that it can also be used in wet areas. It was constructed using ABS Plastic, a material that is guaranteed to make this Christmas present a safe toy for children aged 3 years old and above. It has just the right size of 6cmx 6cm x 7.6cm.

Why Should You Give the Dreams Tyrannosaurus Projector Egg as a Christmas Present?

In today's world where children seem to be so absorbed in playing with their gadgets, the Dreams Tyrannosaurus Projector Egg is quite effective in drawing away their attention from playing games to knowing more about the world around them. This Christmas present is also a great device to bring life to your child's bedroom because of its prehistoric design and as it projects the image of the great T-rex to the room. Since it can be operated in wet areas, this could be used in their science projects if they are asked to remake what it’s like to live during the time dinosaurs are still alive.

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