Inflatable World Globe

The World Is In Their Hands

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Any toddler will want to embrace the whole world with this giant, quality inflatable globe. It measures 50cm in diameter when inflated making it the ideal play ball too. Make a game of geography, and learn all about planet Earth as you play catch. Quickly identify oceans, continents, countries and capitals.

Another quality educational gift from Everything but Flowers and it will grab every kids attention as they play and learn about our world.

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Inflatable World Globe

The most common toy presents for kids are those that are not just for the kids to play around but must also have educational value in them. If you are looking for educational toys, Everything But Flowers offers a wide range of items that are ideal presents for kids for any occasion. We offer different items that you can give to kids with varying likes and hobbies. The variety of our items would really cater to all your gift-giving items.

Order this inflatable world globe and add it to your list of presents for kids. It is an ideal educational toy for toddlers. Introduce the kids to the world and encourage them to see and explore the world. Teach them geography in a fun and exciting way through this giant inflatable globe.

Tour around the World

Toddlers are always curious about everything during their early developing years. They want to know anything about everything. As they are very much receptive during these developing years, teaching them at this time will surely contribute in their learning skills.

Educational toys would be very helpful in teaching them basic stuff. You can use this globe to teach kids basic geography. You could invent various fun and enjoyable games while learning about the planet earth. You can play throw and catch while touring the entire world. The little ones can learn about oceans, continents, countries, and capitals. You can buy these inflatable globes not just as presents for kids but also presents for adults. Teachers can use them as aid to teach pre-schoolers basic geography. Continents and countries are more fun and exciting to learn if it is through interactive games.

What’s Inside the Gift?

Here at Everything But Flowers, we provide quality products, or toys for that matter, for your gift giving needs. We guarantee that when you buy fun and exciting toys from us, it is made of quality materials that are non-toxic and harmless. This giant inflatable globe is sure to be made of quality materials and is safe for toddlers. Inflatable globes are ideal presents for kids who are three years old and above. When inflated, this giant globe measures 50cm in diameter. It could serve as giant play ball that young ones could play with while learning fun stuff about geography.

Things to Know When Buying Presents for Kids

If you are looking for items that are ideal presents for kids, it is best to buy educational toys for the little ones. In doing so, kids will play and learn at the same time. Information will be easily absorbed and learned by the younger ones if it is done. Educational toys, like this giant inflatable globe, will surely catch the attention of toddlers as they play, learn and explore the entire world.

Order this inflatable world globe and play with young ones while teaching them fun facts about geography. Kids can use the globes to play with each other have fun. Let the young ones discover the world and all its features and fun places.