Special Delivery: Favourite Recipes to Make & Take

From Annabel Crabb and Wendy Sharpe

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Food is a language. It can share thoughts and feelings with simple culinary creations. From saying ‘I love you’ to ‘I’m sorry’ or even ‘congratulations’ food is a recognised bringer of peace. Annabel Sharpe is a nationally recognised chef who features on the top-rating ABC TV show Kitchen Cabinet that brings desserts into the homes of politicians.

In her latest Cookbook Annabel has teamed up with her best friend Wendy Sharpe to bring you delicious recipes for not only those amazing desserts but loads of ideas for soups, salads, pastries and breads.

Available from Everything But Flowers, Special Delivery is a must have cookbook for all those home culinary genius’s out there. Why not grab her this amazing book for her next dinner party or next family dinner! Get gifts for the whole family and receive free shipping Australia-wide when you spend over $99.00

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Can you tell me more about the Special Delivery: Favourite Recipes to Make & Take?

Annabel Sharpe from the top-rated TV Show Kitchen Cabinet has teamed up with pal Wendy Shape to produce a cookery book that is jam-packed with healthy recipes and delightful treats. The show involves Annabel cooking treats and desserts for Australian politicians, recognising the international code of food equals peace. Written with her characteristic wit and warmth, this fabulous book includes recipes for a whole host of sweet treats, soups, salads, pastries, breads and other baked delights. Each of these recipes also offers transportation instructions as well as a promise of no judgement if you prefer to eat your culinary treats straight from the tin.

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