Celebration Cakes Cookbook: Planet Cake Love and Friendship

Paperback book, by Paris Cutler

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Cakes are used to celebrate many occasions: birthdays, graduations, holidays, and parties of all sorts. Often these cakes are decorated specific to the event it’s meant to be commemorating. So what about celebrating love, in all of its forms? For that you have Planet Cake Love and Friendship: Celebration Cakes for Special Occasions by Paris Cutler.

This beautiful book offers around 30 cake decorating designs for romantic occasions. From traditional to contemporary, there are cake decorating tips for engagements, weddings, anniversaries, and even for break-ups. Cutler also offers her readers techniques for both amateur and more experienced cake decorators, so this book can be used to build your skill or hone your ability.

This 240-page paperback is just the kitchen companion you need to start decorating gorgeous cakes for friends, family, and yourself. It also makes a great summer or Christmas gift to the baker and decorator in your family.

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Could you tell me more about the Celebration Cakes Cookbook: Planet Cake Love and Friendship?

This beautiful book contains 30 traditional and contemporary cake designs for special events such as christenings, engagements, weddings and anniversaries. The author, Paris Cutler, is renowned for her impressive TV Series, Planet Cake, as well as being the head of one of Australia’s largest cake decorating schools. From simple recipes to decorating techniques, this book is sure to turn any amateur into a master baker. For the more experienced cake designer, Cutler discusses methods for creating beautiful figurines and intricate centrepieces. At Everything but Flowers, we are confident that the Celebration Cakes Cookbook: Planet Cake Love and Friendship will go down a treat!

Who would appreciate receiving this gift?

If you are searching for the perfect gift for someone with a sweet tooth and a passion for baking, then this gorgeous 240-page paperback is the essential recipe book for every cake baker’s library. Cakes are a great gift that represents love and gratitude, and this book will guide your loved one on how to make that beautiful statement bake. Whatever the occasion, this book would be a fabulous gift for someone who adores baking for their friends and family.

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