Start Today Goal Planning Book

Beautifully illustrated and written by M.H. Clark.

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Reaching toward your dreams can be intimidating. How do you begin? When do you begin? Stop putting your goals on hold and let Start Today by M.H. Clark inspire you to start today! Life is too short and your goals are too important to keep putting them on hold.

This 64-page book contains statements meant to help you nourish your goals, such as Feed and water your dream and Keep walking. With each small step you take, youll be one step closer to making your dreams become reality. You can trust Start Today to be your companion and cheerleader as you focus your energy toward living the life youve always wanted.

Treat yourself to some encouragement by giving this book to yourself an early birthday present. Or if you want to inspire someone else to live their dreams, give Start Today as a Christmas, graduation, or retirement gift.

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Christmas Presents for Women to Encourage Their Dreams

American writer Joseph Campbell famously wrote, “Follow your bliss”. If you do follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there waiting for you, and the life you ought to be living is the one you are living.

To help a friend follow her bliss, you can offer support in many different and wonderful ways. You can offer her your emotional, mental, and financial support. There are also a number of great inspiring Christmas presents for women available through Everything but Flowers, including the beautiful Hardcover Book 'Start Today' book full of inspiration for the woman in your life.

What Are Some Christmas Presents for Women to Inspire?

There are many ways you can give your friend a little nudge toward her dreams. The first manner in which you can give a little shove in the right direction is to gently remind your friend how much she wants to follow her dream. For example, a chocolate tour for a wannabe chocolatier or a flight simulator for a wannabe pilot would make great Christmas presents for women who are hesitant about following their bliss.

Everything but Flowers as several experiences and Christmas presents for women that could easily be used to remind your friend how much she enjoys her blissful activity.

What Are Some Christmas Present Ideas to Support Her?

Join your friend on her chocolate tour or flight simulator experience. During the adventure, occasionally give your friend subtle encouragement. “You could totally do this” or “You’re really good at that” are wonderfully encouraging words without being too pushy.

If your friend has not yet followed her bliss, she probably has some good reasons. Maybe she is afraid she cannot successfully run her own business. Or maybe she has a family and is afraid of taking a leap for fear of putting her family at financial risk. To help her manage her fears, call attention to her natural talents. For example, to counter the argument that she could not run her own business, point out that she is very good at bookkeeping.

Why Is It Important to Offer Support with Christmas Present Ideas?

Joseph Campbell also wrote, “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are”. But sometimes to be who we are, we need good friends by our side offering support and encouragement. Whether you give your friend some of your most inspirational Christmas present ideas, an experience, or a just a little nudge, be clear that you support her and her decisions.

If you are still looking for encouraging Christmas present ideas for women, browse Everything but Flowers! We have books filled with inspiring and wise words. We also have gift hampers, beautiful bouquets, and cards, all perfect for sending an encouraging word!

Are You Following Your Bliss?

Everything but Flowers has a large selection of inspiring Christmas present ideas for women, perfect for sending to a friend. But they are also a great gift you can give to yourself if you need a little nudge in the right direction.

Can I Gift Inspirational Presents Outside the Holiday Season?

Even though our range of encouraging and good Christmas presents are extremely suitable for the holiday season, some of the suggestions we made today could be suitable for other special occasions too. Birthdays, anniversaries, or even graduation could be the perfect occasions to provide an inspirational present.

Customers who need more inspirational presents can certainly check out the special occasions tab or the other categories on our website. Everything but Flowers is expert in finding outstanding presents with lots of means, so we are sure you can get some wonderful ideas for all your special occasions this year.

Do you have a question about one of the good Christmas presents mentioned here today? Or could you use some additional inspiration to find these good Christmas presents for your recipient? Contact our team today for some assistance.