Multi-Colour Storage Boxes set of 3

The Perfect Gift for Keepsakes & Keeping Organised

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Precious and beloved items should be stored in an equally precious and beloved place. These three colourful and uniquely designed storage boxes make wonderful storage solutions for those precious items. Theyre also a perfect gift for a stylish, colour-loving young lady.

In these boxes, she can store her closest and most valuable possessions. This set contains one large (33 x 23.5 x 8.5 cm), one medium (27 x 18.5 x 7.5 cm), and one small box (21 x 14 x 5 cm). The interior of each box is covered in soft felt, so her possessions will remain safe and cushioned. Made out of light, but sturdy wood, these boxes are also built to withstand the bumps and jolts of your daughters teenage years.

Give these boxes as a gift for Christmas or on her birthday. Take advantage of our premium gift-wrapping service to make these beautiful boxes even more special.

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Ready to put the fun in functional Christmas presents?!

Christmas is a good time of year to give your friends and family items they dont really need or gifts that arent terribly functional. I mean, why not treat the ones you love to a bit of fun and whimsy? Well, fun and whimsy have their place at Christmas, but it can also be a great time to give Christmas presents that are useful.

What is a functional Christmas present?

Functional Christmas presents are ones that the gift recipient can use throughout the rest of the year or at least seasonally for years to come. A simpler answer might be that a functional Christmas present is simply a functional item. Can the item be used? If yes, then its a functional item.

Just remember, the opposite of a functional Christmas gift is an impractical gift. This Multi-Colour Storage Boxes set of 3 is an absolutely functional Christmas gift that also looks amazing and trendy.

Why should you give functional Christmas presents?

Though you may not think functional Christmas presents are quite as fun, these are gifts that will most likely be more appreciated with time. And if you know your loved one well enough, you can easily give them functional Christmas presents that make their life easier on a regular basis. This will be more appreciated than an item that will sit in a box or on the shelf, unused and forgotten about!

So how do you pick out great, functional Christmas presents?

When looking for a functional Christmas gift, first think about the person to whom youre giving this gift. What does his or her daily life look like? For example, does your loved one make and drink coffee in the morning? If so, is there anything you could give them that improves that process or experience?

Secondly, think about what that person values. Do they value saving time, quality, or experiences? If your coffee-drinking friend values quality, perhaps you could give him or her a coffee grinder. If, instead, they appreciate saving time, instead of a coffee grinder, give them a self-cleaning coffee-maker or a travel mug.

Can functional still be whimsical?

Functional and fun can go hand-in-hand. A pizza cutter shaped like a bicycle is very functional, but its also cute and whimsical. Even if you find functional Christmas presents that arent whimsical, they still retain their most important purpose: being useful! Making peoples lives easier, taking away a daily stress, or mitigating an anxiety is a great way to show your friends and family that you care about them.

In other words, making a persons daily life easier and a bit more enjoyable is a meaningful act. So if youre trying to decide between giving a functional gift or an impractical gift, you cant go wrong by choosing the former. This is often especially true when buying gifts for adults. Buy them the Multi-Colour Storage Boxes set of 3 or find something else we've got in our online gifts store ready to send; after all, we're the christmas gifts experts at Everything but Flowers.