Top Christmas presents for Men at Everything But Flowers

Author: Nicole Adler  Date Posted:30 May 2016 

Christmas presents are at the very heart of the festive season. Christmas is one of everyone’s favourite holidays because it’s a time for giving love and spreading happiness around. The holiday is a chance to show your loved ones how much you appreciate them with Christmas presents. However, sometimes, it can be a bit difficult shopping for the perfect gift for the men in your life. But there are so many Christmas presents and ideas to choose from. Here at Everything But Flowers, you definitely won’t run out of gifts to wrap up. Whether it be for your dad, husband, son, brother, work colleague or friend, there’s a gift that’s perfect for them. 
Here are the top Christmas presents for Men this holiday season. From functional pieces to quirky statement gifts, we can guarantee that you’ll have your pick for the special men in your life. 
Christmas Presents for the Stylish Man
In this modern age, style can mean everything. For the fashionable men in your life, like your cool dad, younger brother or college-aged son, a good decorative present or statement piece would go a long way in showing your love and appreciation. It can be anything from a good book to display, to personal fashion accessories, to novelty items for fun. 
One of the top Christmas presents for men is the highly popular Humans of New York Coffee Table Book. This beautiful and fascinating collection of photos and personal stories is the perfect addition to any man’s home, whether it be your brother’s living room or your son’s college apartment. The narratives and adventures curated by Brandon Stanton within the coffee table book would surely inspire any stylish man to go out and see the world as well. 
Another wonderful addition to any man’s home is the Urban Rituelle Men’s Soy Candle. The scented candle is specially formulated to bring relaxation and rejuvenation to men. The masculine and soothing citrus, juniper, nutmeg and rosewood oil scents would be the perfect blend for your stressed out work colleague or friend. This gift is highly popular as a Kris Kringle gift in corporate events. 
The Ted Baker Hip Flask is one of those adventurous and quirky Christmas presents that will surely be remembered. Designed with nautical themes, the beautifully packaged and embossed hip flask is a great stylish companion to the modern travelling man. It’s also a great conversation starter. 
If you’re looking for more personalised Christmas presents for the men in your life, you can choose to give wearable accessories. Ties, cufflinks, clothes and other wearable items will remind him of your affection and admiration as he goes through his daily routine. These functional yet stylish gifts are truly popular. 
The Handkerchief Mauve Set by Buckle is a classic gift to give to a stylish men. The 100% cotton set boasts of a stylish and timeless design, with a high quality finish. It will brighten up the mood for any busy man. The Cross Newport tie Clip is another gift that has both function and fashion in mind. The incredibly stylish and refined gold-plated tie clip is sure to make him a head-turner in the next corporate event he attends. It’s the perfect gift for a business-minded, successful man. 
Lastly, one of the top Christmas presents for men is the Four Aces Cufflink. It’s the perfect blend of style, function and novelty, making it a memorable gift during the holiday season. The cufflinks complete a smart and classy look, and at the same time injects a winner sense of personality in his outfit. It’s a good luck and a Christmas gift all in one set. 
Function and Food

Men love to work at the kitchen, and they do love to eat. The top Christmas presents for men also include a variety of stylish yet practical kitchenware. Made from quality material and fit for a man’s lifestyle, these Christmas presents should definitely be in your holiday shopping list. 
The Stovetop Espresso Maker by Pantone Universe is a bold and stunning addition to any guy’s kitchen. With a retro design and a vibrant pantone shade of Ketchup Red 186, this high quality espresso maker draws the eyes every morning. It’s the perfect machine to process premium ground coffee. The equally stylish pantone gift box and the sophisticated espresso maker show how sophisticated you think he is. 
Add flavour to a party with another retro-style gift. Perfect for any sports-loving man, college-aged guy or regular party host, the 4 Piece Nacho or Dip Platter Set is another popular Christmas present for the holidays. 
For the sophisticated and elegant man, you can go for the Georg Jensen Wine Stopper. This gift is both extremely fashionable and practical. This premium wine stopper is made in Denmark, with stainless steel, a sleek mirror finish and a silicone stopper. You can give this gift to a wine lover, or to someone who’s still starting out with his wine collection. The Georg Jensen Wine Stopper would be the perfect addition to any man’s wine cellar. For the complete Christmas gift, you can even pair this gift up with a good bottle of wine or one of the premium wine hampers available online.  
You may be looking for popular Christmas presents for guys who are active in the kitchen. Maybe they like to cook during the Sunday roast, or afternoon BBQs and grilling parties, or evening dinners. Maybe they're still learning the how-to’s in the kitchen. In any case, there are a variety of high quality kitchen tools and equipment to delight them this holiday season. 


The Stainless Steel BBQ Sausage Roller is a fun and unique gift for the BBQ lover. The quality of the sausage roller makes it easy to use and easy to clean. This gift is perfect for both BBQ newbies and regulars. The easy rolling mechanism means there’s no wasted time trying to individually turn over every piece. There’s also no risk of oil splatter. And aside from its functionality, the Stainless Steel BBQ Sausage Roller is also ideal because of its stylish wooden handle. Whether out being used or indoors in storage, this roller is a feast for the eyes. 


Lastly, the Upright Chicken Roaster is one of the Christmas presents that would surely impress. The roaster is made of durable material and stainless steel, and can be used for chickens, game hens, turkeys and others. It can be easily disassembled for quick cleaning and convenient storage, after the holidays. Give the Upright Chicken Roaster to guys who love to host a party with an excellent dinner. It’s also one way of ensuring at least one good holiday meal this season! 
All of these Christmas presents are sure to show your friend, family member or work colleague how much you care for them. From stylish fashion accessories to sophisticated house items, these gifts will surely be remembered and appreciated. Shop now at Everything But Flowers to give the men in your life the perfect Christmas presents.