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No matter what his favourite hobbies or interests, we've got the perfect Christmas present for men of all kinds; we stock something to suit every personality and every budget.

Christmas Presents for Men

Oh how amazing is Christmas! Buying the perfect Christmas gifts for men can be tough, but we're here to make it as easy as possible for you. Whether you need Christmas gifts for Dad, or great gifts for your husband, or perhaps it's a special treat for your son or brother; it could even be a Kris Kringle gift for a co-worker. 

As if you are not yet busy from your daily schedule, things will get busier once the holiday rush kicks in. And if you are planning to do all the necessary shopping just a few weeks going into Christmas, you will just frustrate yourself because you’ll end up not covering everything you wanted. The solution? Online shopping at Everything But Flowers!

Here at Everything But Flowers, we are giving you the opportunity to lighten those upcoming chores by helping you accomplish some of them ahead of time. You see, shopping for a Christmas present can be one of those gruelling tasks you are about to face in the coming Holidays. The hams, the cheese, and the holiday-themed wines can wait, but you can start and get going with the gifts as early as now.

Let’s take a look at some precious Christmas presents that are in store for you especially for the blokes. Here at Everything But Flowers, we have a great selection of gifts for him.

What Christmas Gift For Men is Perfectly Functional All Year Long?

Why not give him something for his drinks? Whether it’s a bottle of champagne for a popping celebration, a red wine for a silent and classy one, or even just for a warm beverage to match your Christmas meals, many men simply love to drink. Personalise this innate thirst-driven quality and give him something that would remind him of some of his descriptions you’d want him to know – strong and perfect!

Check out our novelty mugs such as the Mr. Strong and Mr. Perfect mugs, which are perfect Christmas gifts for a year-round Yuletide celebration. This is the ideal gift that every man can bring along with him to his office, the gym, or simply for his daily hot blends and brews at home. And speaking of brewing, why not match these mugs with our Pantone Espresso Maker Coffee Maker so he can start every morning right by drinking a hot and freshly brewed cup of coffee.

What Options are Available for Men Who Love to Cook?

If you are looking for a nice Christmas gift for him, why not give something that would make him enjoy his newest playground – the kitchen! Start off with these lovely accessories that would surely bring out the inner chef in him.

Check out the Stainless Steel Barbecue Sausage Roller, which would ensure any backyard grill or any kind of barbecue party would have evenly roasted sausages. Nothing is more delectable than a juicy bite on a piece of well-grilled meat. And speaking of grilled meat, isn’t it nice if you can have your steak personalised? With that, you might want to get him the Barbeque Branding Iron and have him own his steak – literally!

A Christmas Gifts for the Old and the Young

If he’s into experimenting on new stuff, then the Japanese Cooking Class might be worth checking out. This interactive class will take him to an Asian cuisine tour on a special culinary experience. And he has got plenty more options to choose from. From homey Australian flavours to Italian pasta - let his skills, his taste buds, and his imagination venture on this food trip. A truly unique men's Christmas present like this can is quite memorable especially for someone who is passionate about cooking!

Meanwhile, another option is the All-in-one Wash by Urban Rituelle. The name says it all! With this one, you got everything about grooming covered.

Still trying to find the perfect gift? Here at Everything but Flowers, we got more items for you to choose from. Explore your options as you browse through our online catalogue. Enjoy!

Do you need a present for a male recipient during the holiday season, but are you struggling to discover his personal preferences? If you find yourself in this situation, you can always fall back on Everything but Flowers and an extensive range of Christmas presents for men. Each year, Everything but Flowers stocks the best Australian gifts for men, and has them delivered right on your doorstep. However, we can also deliver your Christmas gift directly to the doorstep of your recipient.

The Christmas gifts for men at Everything but Flowers can be quite versatile, because our team included gifts such as waterproof notebooks, condiments, barbecue accessories, wall-art, floats, mugs, technology and even experiences! Our experience range is suitable for special occasions where you want to give your recipient nice memories, since each of our experiences will give your recipient something they will never forget! Of course, the experience must match the character of your recipient, so if you buy one of our gourmet experiences, make sure your recipient is a foodie! Still, if you don’t know which experience might suit your male recipient, simply use our sorting dropdown menu and select “most popular” to discover the bestsellers in our experiences collection!