Beauty Book

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Hours of colourful make up fun, presented in a book style folder secured by a stud clasp. Eyeshadows of pinks, blues, aquas and purples, this selection is every little girls dream also includes blushes and lip glosses. Also included is a blush, eye shadow and lip gloss applicator, as well as a mirror.

3 Blush colours

6 Lip gloss colours

24 Eye shadow colours

1 Blush applicator

1 Eye shadow applicator

1 Lipstick applicator

Measures 20 x 13.5cm


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Colourful Pallet Beauty Book

Your anniversary is fast approaching but you are having a hard time finding presents for her. Give her something that she can use daily like this make up Beauty Book. It is practical, highly functional, and comes at a bargain price. Whether you give presents for her as stocking stuffers, anniversary or birthday gift, or just a ‘want to let you know I love you’ kind of gift, this make up Beauty Book will do the trick.

Some people claim that make ups are deceitful because these things change the way a person looks. However, women who love make ups disagree. Make ups are perfect presents for her because these help boost self-confidence and is a form of self-expression.

Make Ups are Instant Confidence-Booster Presents for Her

Oftentimes, a woman would feel low. Especially when she is suffering from pre-menstrual syndrome, there will be days that she will feel ugly, unappreciated, and downright incompetent. Help her find her strength and confidence with make ups as presents for her. Make ups like this Beauty Box is a great and quick pick-me-up to a dull day.

Make Ups are Forms of Expression Presents for Her

This Beauty Box, and even other make ups, come with different shades and purposes. Indulge her creativity by having fun with make ups as presents for her. See her dark side, sexy side, playful side, and serious tone with the help of make ups.

3 Reasons this Beauty Box is a Catch

Not all makeup products can pass up as presents for her. This Beauty Box, however, is definitely one for the books! Here are three reasons why.

●    Wide-range palette
The Beauty Box is composed of three sets of complete palettes. Each palette has colours dedicated to cheeks, lips, and eyes. First is the neutral palette. It has that rosy tan blush, several brown eye shadows, and two colours of skin-toned lip gloss. Second is the playful palette. It has a light pink blush, several colours of eyeshadow in pink and yellow, and two colours of pinkish lip gloss. Third is the bright palette. It has a deep red blush, a few green and blue eyeshadow, and two colours of hot pink lip gloss. If you want to give her a complete set, this make up set can be wonderful presents for her.

●    Lightweight and compact
Beauty Box comes with an eye-catching case. Any woman can easily carry this make up set anywhere. It measures 20 x 13.5cm. Hence, it can easily slide into her bag because it is lightweight and very slim. Let her enjoy a quick retouch anytime, anywhere with this Beauty Box.

●    Complete – mirror, brush/applicators
This Beauty Box does not only provide colours. It also comes with a mirror, a brush for blush, and applicator for eyeshadow.
For an affordable price, you can get her three blush colours, 6 lip gloss colours, and 24 eye shadow colours. What presents for her can get cooler than that? Place your orders today at Everything But Flowers and have this gem delivered to your special someone before your anniversary!