Bunny Bedtime Game

A Charming Make-a-Choice Game About a Sleepy Bunny

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Bunny is so sleepy! Lucky for her, it’s almost bedtime. During the Bunny Bedtime Game, players roll a die and make important decisions about Bunny’s bedtime routine. The game ends when Bunny makes it to bed. In addition to being super fun, this simple game also encourages the development of several important skills, like decision-making, listening, and problem-solving.

The game set comes with following items: a game board, parent guide, instructions, five wooden puzzle pieces, and one wooden Bunny mover. The Bunny Bedtime Game can be played by two or more players. It’s recommended for toddlers ages 2 years and up. No reading is required to enjoy this game.

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What makes the Bunny Bedtime Board Game a great gift for toddlers?

Bunny Bedtime is a fantastic first board game for any young child aged 2 years and older.  It was developed specifically for toddlers and helps parents teach their children essential life skills like problem solving and decision making while having tons of fun at the same time.  It also teaches children board game basics like rolling dice and taking turns in way that is very easy to understand.  This is a thoughtful birthday present or Christmas gift for any young child that also gives parents a great opportunity to spend some quality time with their young ones.

This board games comes from Peaceable Kingdom, an award winning company that specialises in educational children’s games.  It’s filled with lovely illustrations that will appeal to young children, and features bright and cheery colours that will helps players get in the right mood.

How do you play the Bunny Bedtime Board Game?

Bunny Bedtime comes with a fold out game board, a wooden bunny figure, 5 wooden puzzle pieces and a large chunky rolling dice that is very easy to handle even for very young children.  Each face of the dice has a different colour that corresponds with the colours of the places on the game board.  Each player takes turns rolling the dice and moving the bunny to the coloured box that matches the colour the dice lands on.  As the bunny moves across the game board, young players will be asked to match shapes and make decisions about the bunny’s bedtime routine.  This also reinforces the concept of keeping a bedtime routine and helps him or her remember everything he or she needs to before going to bed at night.

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