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Looking for a gift for baby that's truly special? Our range of personalised baby gifts features options to include baby's details such as name, initials, birth details and more with a range of wonderful product choices. Personalised gifts for baby are a truly unique gift idea we know they'll love thanks to the special, customised details.

Personalised Baby Presents You Cannot Pass on for Christenings, Births, and Baby Showers!

There are many special occasions where you might be looking for personalised baby presents. At Everything but Flowers, customers can find personalised baby presents for births, christenings, and baby showers, so there is always something suitable to be found in our catalogue.

To help you pick the best personalised baby presents for a special occasion, we have created an overview of our team’s favourites. Check out some of our personal favourites below and give the new parents and baby a personalised present to treasure forever.

What Is the First Personalised Baby Present Recommended by Everything but Flowers?

The first recommendation from the Everything but Flowers team is the Bouncing Baby Boy Birth Details Framed Print. Personalised framed prints are usually quite popular amongst new parents, but the Bouncing Baby Boy Birth Details Framed Print takes it another step further.

When you choose the Bouncing Baby Boy Birth Details Framed Print, you will be giving the new parents a print that includes information about the baby. Information that can be included on the print are name, birth date, weight, height, and even the hospital where the baby was born.

Even though the Bouncing Baby Boy Birth Details Framed Print is one of our personal favourites, there are countless other framed prints at Everything but Flowers. Each of these prints can be personalised, so you can always find a design that suits your preferences.

What Is the Second Personalised Baby Present Recommended by Everything but Flowers?

Personalised presents are not always physical presents, at least not at first. There are countless experiences that deliver something personalised as well. One of the experiences, and a favourite of the Everything but Flowers team, is the Baby Hands & Feet Plaster Casting Experience in Melbourne.

As the name suggests, the Baby Hands & Feet Plaster Casting Experience gives the parents a lifelong memento of their little bub. During the experience, a plaster casting is made of the baby’s hands and feet, which can then be framed. There are various frame designs and formats available, so the parents can get a frame and design that fits the interior of their home.

The Baby Hands & Feet Plaster Casting Experience takes place in Melbourne. Therefore, it is most suitable for parents who live in the nearby area. Of course, there are other experiences throughout Australia as well, so if Melbourne is too far away for your recipients, check out the other experiences in our catalogue.

What Is the Third Personalised Baby Present Recommended by Everything but Flowers?

Another personalised experience you could consider is most suitable for baby showers, more specifically the Professional Belly Casting Experience. As the name suggests, this experience delivers a professional cast of the pregnant belly of the mum-to-be, which makes it a recommendation for anyone looking for an original experience for a future mum.

Many Australian mums now take a belly casting as a memento of their pregnancy, so it is no surprise that this experience is becoming increasingly more popular for baby showers. Some customers also combine this experience with the previously mentioned Baby Hands & Feet Plaster Casting experience, giving the parents not one but several unforgettable mementos.

What Is the Fourth Personalised Baby Present Recommended by Everything but Flowers?

At Everything but Flowers, customers can also find a delightful range of customisable baby shoes. The baby shoes come in various colours and sizes and can be personalised with the initials of the baby.

Each customised shoe provides superior quality, since Everything but Flowers applies the baby’s initials through embroidery. By using embroidery, the initials will not fade over time, which means the parents will have a lifelong memento of their little one.

The personalised baby shoes at Everything but Flowers are available in gender and non-gender specific colours; this includes silver, pale pink, navy, and blue. To add the initials of the baby to the shoes, simply select the embroidered letter from the dropdown menu on the product description page.

Customers can see a preview of the embroidery on the baby shoes on the product description page as well. Simply open the page to view various images taken by our team.

Why Personalised Baby Gifts Are The Perfect Present

We’re Australia’s gift experts and know how to create a beautifully presented gift set that is not only gorgeous but also practical. Having a new baby is such a special time in any person’s life, and while beautiful baby gifts are always the goal, a practical baby gift that’s also beautiful is the perfect gift for newborns.

New parents have so much on their plate, that a practical gift is always appreciated. A special item that can help them take care of baby; something that helps them make their life a little bit easier, saves time and keeps baby safe while bringing added joy to their day is ideal. The best way to add an extra touch of amazement to any newborn baby gift is by choosing a gift for baby that is personalised just for them.

What Personalised Gifts For Baby Can I Buy Online?

We’re proud to present our ever-growing range of personalised newborn gifts here at Everything But Flowers. We have everything from beautiful personalised framed baby prints that feature all the important details of baby’s life and arrival in a range of designs. These beautiful prints are created, printed and framed by our wonderful team of talented gift experts right here in Sydney, Australia.

How Should I Select a Personalised Baby Present?

Before you choose a personalised baby present, it is always a good idea to think about the occasion. For example, baby showers can include personalised presents for the mum and the baby, while a christening usually demands a personalised keepsake to remember the occasion.

Do you need some help finding the right personalised present for your recipient? Or do you have any questions about a personalisation option available in our baby presents catalogue? For more information, do not hesitate to contact the Everything but Flowers team via telephone, email, or the instant messaging function on the website.

In House Baby Gift Personalisation Ensures Better Quality

Unlike other companies who outsource their personalised gift production to third parties without any control over the resulting gifts that arrive for their customers – to us, our customers are the most important part of our business, which is why we’ve made the deliberate decision to control all stages of our personalised gift production, so that we know that each and every personalised gift that leaves our Sydney warehouse is the most beautiful and highest quality baby gift possible.

We offer Australia-wide delivery with free delivery for orders over $99AU. With order tracking to ensure that you know where your order is at all times; our professional couriers will ensure safe delivery of your gift across Australia. We not only have you covered no matter where you need to send your gift too; we also offer a range of premium gift upgrades to ensure your personalised baby gift is the best ever! With premium gift wrapping and personalised gift cards, we’ve got everything covered here at Everything But Flowers.