Grenade Coffee Mug

For An Explosive Coffee

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We have heard about the taste of coffee exploding on your taste buds and understand how important a mug of coffee is to our military on patrol. The Grenade Coffee Mug makes a patriotic gift, perfect for saying thanks to any soldier back from duty, Its sure to show your appreciation for their service.

Our novelty grenade-shaped coffee mug has authentic military markings and the firing pin becomes the handle. We include a delivery tracking service so you can watch your present as it travels toward your friend.

Delivery: Flat Rate of $10.95 Australia-wide. Order over $99.00 for FREE delivery.

How do you plan a great Fathers Day celebration? How do you spend Fathers Day?

Most families have their own traditions and their own favourite way to spend Fathers Day. Most families give Fathers Day presents, eat a meal, and spend some time with their dad. But if you frequently spend Fathers Day at home, it may be time to change things up and plan a fun Fathers Day outing and activity.

Even if your dad enjoys spending time at home, there are some great ways you can celebrate Fathers Day with a pseudo-outing.

How do you plan a great Fathers Day barbecue?

Planning a barbecue is a great way to celebrate Fathers Day and celebrate Spring! And though you never need an excuse to enjoy the great outdoors while also barbecuing a delicious cut of meat, Fathers Day is a great way to let your dad know you appreciate him.

The first step to planning a Fathers Day barbecue is to plan the menu. Since this barbecue is part of your Fathers Day presents, find out your dads favourite cuts of meats and favourite side salads. If you have siblings, you can share the responsibility of planning and preparing the entree, as well as the side dishes. And if your father likes being king of the grill, let him! If not, let him enjoy a beer in the sun and open Fathers Day presents while you grill up some delicious barbecue treats.

How do you plan a fun Fathers Day bush walk?

If you want to get out into nature, a good bush walk or hike is a great way to spend time with your father on Fathers Day. We are blessed with so many natural wonders in Australia with an endless variety of landscapes providing many different types of bush walks to do. When planning a Fathers Day hike, its good to ask yourself what your father enjoys in a walk:

1. Does your dad like to take a leisurely stroll, or does he like a challenge?

2. What types of scenery does your dad enjoy?

3. How much time does your father want to spend bush walking?

Once you find the right walk, prepare some snacks, brings some drinks, and call your brothers and sisters! It can be fun to give your Fathers Day presents during the hike, perhaps while youre taking a moment to rest and enjoy some food. So bring the Fathers Day presents along if its practical to do so.

How do you plan a thoughtful Fathers Day outing for a homebody?

Some people just arent keen on going out and some people cant go out for various reasons. But what if you could bring the outing to your father?

If he would prefer to stay at home or is simply unable to go out, order his favourite take-out, rent a movie, and give him a gift basket filled with treats from all over the world! Believe it or not, you dont have to go out to have an outing. Just get a little creative.