Universal 5 in 1 Kitchen Scissors

The Ultimate Home Gadget For Him

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There is no job that can’t be tackled in the kitchen – or perhaps even the entire house thanks to the Any Sharp 5 in 1 Universal Scissors. He’ll never let these scissors leave his sight because who wouldn’t want toughened, surgical sharp scissors at their disposal?

These are the perfect gift for the home; featuring a clever design that offers easy usage for left and right handed people; these clever scissors feature a curved, tempered steel blade that can tackle everything from chicken bones in the kitchen to tough plastics and boxes in the garage.

Measuring 23cm x 10cm x 2cm, these 5 in 1 scissors not only cut the toughest materials, they also feature a nut cracker, garlic crusher, wire stripper and bottle opener. See – we told you they were versatile!

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Unique Home and Outdoor Presents You Could Get for Father’s Day

Customers who are looking for the perfect Father’s Day present ideas should certainly take a look at our range of home and outdoor presents. In this range, customers can find our most unique Father’s Day present ideas; this ranges from tools to useful gadgets. Curious what our range of good Father’s Day presents holds this year? Check out our suggested Father’s Day present ideas below!

What Is the First Unique Home and Outdoor Present for Father’s Day?

Our first unique option from our overview of Father’s Day present ideas is the Universal 5-in-1 Kitchen Scissors. What need could dad have for a pair of kitchen scissors? A lot, especially if you know all the additional features this pair of scissors from our first Father’s Day presents catalogue provides.

The Universal 5-in-1 Kitchen Scissors from our overview of Father’s Day present ideas is more than just a pair of scissors, it is also a nut cracker, garlic crusher, wire stripper, and a bottle opener. Since dad can use many of these tools, you simply have to consider this gadget from our catalogue of first Father’s Day presents.

What Is the Second Unique Home and Outdoor Present for Father’s Day?

There is nothing dad appreciates more than a lovely gadget, especially if that gadget is food-related! Some of our first Father’s Day presents are meant for cooking dads, while others are provided to make things a little easier for dads who do not cook at all. One of our first Father’s Day presents that provides both is the Infusion Smoker & Wood Chip Set.

The Infusion Smoker & Wood Chip Set from our range of first Father’s Day presents adds a smoky flavour to any meal or ingredient. Simply add the meal or ingredient to a deep bowl or a sealed bag, and then place the smoker extension inside. Leave the gadget working for at least five minutes to get the best smoky flavour!

What Is the Third Unique Home and Outdoor Present for Father’s Day?

When you are thinking about good Father’s Day presents, you simply cannot glance over the barbecue section at Everything but Flowers. Barbecue items from our good Father’s Day presents range are often the most popular items in our catalogue, so they are some of the safest choices out there.

At Everything but Flowers, we have some cool gadgets in the good Father’s Day presents range. One of these cool gadgets from the good Father’s Day presents catalogue is the Stainless Steel Barbecue Sausage Roller, which rolls snags over the barbecue; this means dad does not have to place them on the barbecue directly.

With the Stainless Steel Barbecue Sausage Roller, it becomes easier than ever to get evenly cooked snags. It can also prevent burn on the sausages, so your dad’s barbecue skills could certainly benefit from having this gadget at his disposal.

What Is the Fourth Unique Home and Outdoor Present for Father’s Day?

There are some novelty options in our home and outdoor range as well. One of the prime examples of such an option is the Condiment Gun, which enables dad to add sauces and condiments to his food by pulling the trigger on the gun! The Condiment Gun is a brilliant conversation piece during a barbecue or even a family dinner. So, why would you not take advantage of this amazing novelty present?

Do you want more novelty presents from our home and outdoor range? Why not check out the available options in the home and outdoor category this Father’s Day and provide dad with a unique surprise!