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Soak In The Beauty Of Australia's Rural Wonders

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Take a walk through the pages of Rural Australian Gardensto unlock the beautiful photographs and detailed information about some of Australia’s most wonderful and unique rural gardens. With everything from newly established gardens, right through to generational gardens that have stood the test of time to grow more and more beautiful; this stunning book by Myles Baldwin is an inspirational look at sometimes unexpected gardens that exist across rural Australia.

With 288 pages of inspiration to enjoy; there’s practical advice and useful information including the best uses for the shrubs, hedges, perennials, trees, and ground covers discussed in the book. Pair this stunning hard cover joy with our range of gardening tools to create the complete gardening gift for someone special in your life from Everything But Flowers.

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Uncover the Best Books for Gardeners from Our Father’s Day Presents Catalogue!

Gardening is the favourite pastime of many dads, so many books from our men’s presents collection are aimed at gardeners. If you need Father’s Day presents for your gardening dad, then be sure to read on, because we are about to disclose the best books from our men’s presents range for Father’s Day!

Why Should I Choose Rural Australian Gardens from the Men’s Presents Catalogue?

Rural Australian Gardens from our men’s presents catalogue is perfect for a gardening dad, because this book features some of the most stunning Australian gardens. The book features numerous photographs showing some of the finest gardens, so gardening dads will appreciate this book from our men’s presents range.

The Rural Australian Gardens book from our Father’s Day presents range contains a total of 288 pages. These pages can be an incredible inspiration for your dad, because in addition to photographs, this book from the Father’s Day presents catalogue contains valuable tips. Information in this book includes the use of shrubs, hedges, perennials, trees and so much more. Therefore, this book from our Father’s Day presents will be a book your dad will treasure simply because of its large amount of information.

Please note that there is also a Rural Australian Gardens Set, which comes with the book and some gardening tools. So, if you would like to add to the book, you could choose the set instead for more convenience.

Why Should I Choose Varietal Wines Available at Everything but Flowers?

Varietal Wines by James Halliday covers one aspect of gardening – grape growing. Naturally, this book is originally intended for wine lovers and wine connoisseurs. However, if your dad has an interest in growing grapes, making wine, and trying some of the best Australian wines, then Varietal Wines by James Halliday will be a good choice.

The Varietal Wines by James Halliday puts Australian wines in an international context. It covers approximately 130 wine varieties and discusses how each wine is made in more detail. Therefore, this book cannot be missing from the collection of a dad who is considering making his own wine.

Why Should I Choose the Garden Bounty Gift Set Available at Everything but Flowers?

Whether your dad is a beginning or an experienced gardener, the Garden Bounty Gift Set will be a wonderful present for Father’s Day. With this set, you give your dad the tools and knowledge needed to create his own organic garden. So, this set is also a gift for the environment.

The book included inside the Garden Bounty Gift Set is the Organic Backyard Bounty book. Inside this book, your dad will find information on how to grow his produce organically. He will also find information on compost heaps. There are also many planting guides, so this book truly contains all the information a gardener needs for organic gardening.

Naturally, the Garden Bounty Gift Set contains more than just the Backyard Bounty Book. In addition to this book, our team also added some designer gardening tools from the Stephanie Alexander designer brand. So, even if your dad is a beginner, he will have some tools to start with.

Why Should I Choose the Period Gardens Book Available at Everything but Flowers?

Some dads take great pride in their garden and are constantly looking for ways to enhance it. Of course, getting new inspiration can be somewhat challenging. Fortunately, your dad can count on the Period Gardens book, which features the finest gardens in the United Kingdom, Europe and Australia.

With the Period Gardens book from our men’s presents range, your dad can learn how to create the ultimate integrated garden for a period home. It teaches him how to find that perfect blend of contemporary joy and historical style, but learn it in a fun way through the photographs and information provided by the Myles Baldwin case studies featured in this book.

Thanks to the Period Gardens book, your dad will have all the knowledge needed to create a truly create a magical garden. No need to look for more information, because this book covers everything your dad needs to know about creating his own garden masterpiece.

Where Can I Find More Books for Gardeners at Everything but Flowers?

Customers can find countless other books for gardeners at Everything but Flowers. Some of these books cover beautiful gardens around the world, while others focus on floral arrangements. There is no limit to the possibilities available at Everything but Flowers.

Do you have a question about any of the books we mentioned today? Or would you like some recommendations from our books range for your dad? Whatever you need or are looking for, Everything but Flowers can certainly assist you. To get some assistance, simply contact the customers service team at Everything but Flowers by email, telephone or live chat.