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He probably doesn’t need a reminder, but this cool dino wants your boy to Make Some Noise. Celebrate your boy’s special occasion with a unique and personalised gift that suits his personality to a tee. This fun, framed wall print from Whistlewood features a funky, modern font in bold black with a very cool dinosaur making lots of noise. This is the perfect gift for teens and boys of all ages to decorate their room.

In a choice of A4 or A3 sizes, the Make Some Noise Personalised Framed Print comes framed and ready to hang with a white, finger-jointed pine timber frame designed to suit any décor. Each of Whistlewood’s personalised framed prints are printed using premium ink on environmentally sustainable, FSC certified 250GSM Bright White Premium Art Paper for a bold, crisp look designed to last. To protect from fading, Whistlewood prints feature a special 60% UV protective cast acrylic cover panel. Best of all, our personalised gifts are made and assembled in-house so we can guarantee your gift arrives looking fantastic. Everything But Flowers has great gift ideas for boys and teens, and we can even gift wrap your present for hassle-free gift shopping online.

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The Best Decorations for Children’s Bedrooms Available at Everything but Flowers

Everything but Flowers has a lovely range of children’s presents. Common children’s presents include toys and games, but there is also a collection of decorations for children’s bedrooms. If you want to add something fun to the décor of a child’s bedroom, be sure to check our recommended bedroom decorations below.

What Is the First Recommended Decoration for a Child’s Bedroom?

Our first recommendation is an exquisite decoration for a little boy’s bedroom, more specifically the Make Some Noise Personalised A4 Framed Print. The Make Some Noise Personalised A4 Framed Print features a lovely illustration of a dinosaur, as well as the name of the little boy.

The Make Some Noise Personalised A4 Framed Print can be delivered in an A4 or an A3 size. Each print is made with the finest art paper and displayed in a pine timber frame. The frame also has additional UV protection; this means the frame will have extra resistance against colour fading in the future.

At Everything but Flowers, there are more framed prints available. We have framed prints in various designs, suitable for the bedroom of both girls and boys. So, if you need to decide on a beautiful decoration that matches a child’s personality, be sure to check out the available prints in our catalogue.

What Is the Second Recommended Decoration for a Child’s Bedroom?

Another decoration you could consider from Everything but Flowers is the DC Comics Mini Batman Logo Light. As the name suggests, the DC Comics Mini Batman Logo Light is official DC Comics merchandise.

The DC Comics Mini Batman Logo Light features the official batman logo. The black logo creates a beautiful contrast with the yellow background. The light works with triple A batteries and measures 16 cm x 9.5 cm; this means it will become a beautiful centrepiece in a child’s bedroom or playroom.

Even though the DC Comics Mini Batman Logo is most popular amongst little boys, it can be a suitable present for girls with a love for batman or DC comic books as well! Of course, we have lights with other designs as well. So, if you are looking for a different design, be sure to check out the other lights in our catalogue.

What Is the Third Recommended Decoration for a Child’s Bedroom?

Our next suggested bedroom decoration is also a fun activity. The decoration we are talking about is the Nanoblock T-Rex Skeleton.

The Nanoblock T-Rex Skeleton consists of 590 pieces and is suitable for children of eight years and older. Each block included in this set is only 1/8 the size of a normal building block, so creating the T-Rex from these blocks can be quite challenging.

When the T-Rex has been completed, it can become a beautiful decoration for a little boy’s bedroom. The T-Red also comes with a stand; this ensures that the unique skeleton model can be proudly presented on any surface.

What Is the Fourth Recommended Decoration for a Child’s Bedroom?

There are more dinosaur decorations to be found at Everything but Flowers; this includes the T-Rex Projector Dino Egg. The T-Rex Protector Dino Egg can be a lovely nightlight for a child’s bedroom, although this nightlight is a little different from the usual nightlights you can find in stores.

The T-Rex Projector Dino Egg is made to resemble a cracked dinosaur egg. It interacts with water added to the tray underneath the egg; this to project a dinosaur image on top. Considering this design, the T-Rex Projector Dino Egg is quite loved by boys!

What Is the Fifth Recommended Decoration for a Child’s Bedroom?

The fifth decoration we can recommend to liven up a child’s bedroom is the Original Stormtrooper Wireframe Light. With many Star Wars films still being released, many children love some Star Wars merchandise!

Our Original Stormtrooper Wireframe Light is designed in a unique way. When the light is on, it appears as the head of the stormtrooper is floating in mid-air! It creates a three-dimensional image, which is based on the original moulds of the stormtrooper helmets. Therefore, any child who is a fan of the Star Wars films will find this Original Stormtrooper Wireframe Light and exceptional present!

Where Can I Find More Suitable Decorations for a Child’s Bedroom?

At Everything but Flowers, customers can find many other decorations suitable for a child’s bedroom. These decorations are hand-selected by our team, so no matter which of these decorations you choose, you can rest assured it will be a popular choice.

Do you need a recommendation for a birthday or Christmas? Get some advice from the Everything but Flowers team today! Our team can provide you with more information about each of our presents, but also deliver the best recommendations for the recipient you have in mind!