Slime Goo Lab By Wild Science

Fun Meets Science For Children 8+ Years

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Through this Slime Goo Lab by Wild Science, kids will create slimy recipes that enable them to explore the wonders of chemistry from an early age. Fun activities lead children to discover delightfully viscous secrets and to explore the science of cross-linked polymers, hydrated crystals, ion diffusion, and gel. Endless possibilities immerse the imagination of the children to keep on investigating. Safe and very interesting, this kit is free of Borax and any toxic material.

Through this Slime Goo Lab by Wild Science, kids can concoct some green jelly worms and fake fish eggs. Make tadpole soup, blood clots, clear and coloured gels, and much much more. Kids can also grow gruesome exploding leeches, and other bouncy and drippy gels. An easy-to-do activity guide comes with colourful illustrations for a more pleasurable learning experience. This educational gift is ideal for children who are 10 years and over.

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