I Am A Cat Storybook

They're Going To Adore Simon The Cat

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Simon is just a simple housecat. He’s small and fuzzy, but he’s always been comfortable in his own skin. That is, until one day he goes on a big adventure, and meets some of his impressive cousins… There’s a lion with a big, beautiful mane; a spotted leopard who can climb the tallest trees; a sleek cheetah who can run faster than anything; and many more!

But, none of them think there is much to be impressed about Simon. In fact, even Simon himself starts to worry that they might be right. But then, Simon teaches them all an important lesson about the value of individuality, and manages to bring the whole community together at last!

This adorable 32 page hardcover by illustrator and designer Galia Bernstein will be absolutely adored by readers up to the age of seven.

Dimensions: 22 x 27 x 1cm


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