Give Australia’s most memorable gift experience as you send your lucky recipient off on a Great White Shark adventure in Port Lincoln. This Eco-certified shark experience is like no other, as passengers venture 70kms from Port Lincoln on a shark spotting adventure that gives them the opportunity to enter the water and swim with the sharks if they are brave enough!

The full day boat tour begins at Port Lincoln; departing from Port Lincoln Marina at 7am before heading out around 70kms to Shark Bay at Neptune Island. The tour boat ventures through the Thorny Passage taking in spectacular scenery while spotting playful dolphins and elegant sea birds during the journey. The experienced guides provide lots of information about the animals and natural environments experienced during the tour.

If you’ve ever wondered what type of music sharks like, then it’s time to find out as the tunes of ACDC are echoed out underwater to help bring the sharks in for a closer look.

Audio sound vibrations are used to attract the sharks, providing a much more ecologically sustainable experience than other options such as baits or berley. By using sound to attract sharks it ensures a more natural and animal friendly approach, as sound attraction results in curious sharks coming to check out the boat rather than hungry sharks that have arrived to hunt for food chasing bait and berley. This approach means calmer sharks who’s natural hunting habits are not disturbed.

All tours operate by adhering to current best practice guideline and aim for minimal disturbance to animals and the natural environment. As a result of this, the tour has been provided with Advanced ECO Certification – the highest level of eco certification within Australia. This certification ensures that the business operates within a framework for environmental, economic and social responsibility.

Small tour sizes are a feature of the tour with a minimum of 6 passengers and a maximum of 27 to ensure a personalised experience is offered. Departing at 7am from Port Lincoln Marina, all passengers must arrive 30 minutes prior to departure, with the tour boat returning to the marina between 6 & 7pm.

The tour boat contains everything needed for a comfortable shark tour experience, including toilets, showers and change rooms on board. Tea, coffee, morning tea, afternoon tea and lunch are all provided during the tour, and merchandise along with extra food and refreshments is available for purchase during the day also.

Staff will take photos during the day, which will then be available for free download around a week after the experience, but passengers are also encouraged to bring their own Go Pro or underwater camera. There are also disposable underwater cameras available for purchase if desired.

This tour includes a full day on the boat along with morning and afternoon tea and lunch. If shark sightings are made, there is a $175 upgrade option while on board for those who are feeling adventurous and would like the adrenalin pumping experience of swimming face to face with the sharks. Swim options include the shark cage; or for those who would prefer a little less adventure, they can still come face to face with these graceful creatures by heading underwater in the Aqua Sub that allows a 360 degree underwater view while remaining completely dry.

Information to Know:

This experience includes a full day boat tour for one adult. The tour departs from Port Lincoln, South Australia. Passengers should take on board: Swimmers, towel, sunscreen, a warm jacket and sunglasses. Morning tea, Afternoon tea, lunch, tea and coffee are provided during the tour with other refreshments available for purchase on board if required. The option to swim with the sharks is provided if shark sightings are made. The underwater experience is offered by a $175 upgrade option payable on board at the time; and includes all equipment needed to swim within the shark cage, or the Aqua Sub.

Please Note: A park access fee of $39 is payable upon arrival at the departure lounge.

Everything But Flowers experience vouchers are redeemable directly with the experience provider with full details provided upon purchase. Recipients have 3 years to use the full value of the voucher.

Looking for some nail biting action? Look no further than our Great Whites Tour - Adult Peak!

Australia is world renown for the some of the most unique and rare species of marine mammals. Our Australian waters and coastlines are some of the most pristine in the world and we would like to offer you a once in a life time experience to see one of Australia’s favourite giants of the sea – The Great White Shark! The Great Whites Tour - Adult Peak, is an experience the recipient will never forget as they float or swim passed these ferocious hunters of the deep. The coastlines of Australia are perfect for this type of oceanic experience, all whilst doing the experience in an eco-friendly manner to keep our oceans safe and as natural as possible.

Give the Gift of a Great White Experience for any Gift Occasion!

Shark Experiences are one of the most heart pumping and adrenalin filled outdoor experiences you could imagine. The Great Whites Tour - Adult Peak is an ECO-Certified shark experience like no other as the recipients and other passengers sail approx. 70klms from the coast line off Port Lincoln in South Australia to spot Great White Sharks in their natural habitat. This Great Whites Tour - Adult Peak offers the recipient to enter the water and have a gentle swim with the shark giants! If they are brave enough! The Great Whites Tour - Adult Peak is a full day tour that begins on the coast at Port Lincoln and departs at 7am from the Marina. The boat then sets sails past some spectacular oceanic scenery like playful Dolphins and high flying sea birds. This experience is truly magical as you get to see firsthand the wonder of our Marine Life all around you.

Experience Gift Vouchers hold the key to the most Memorable Adventures!

During the Great Whites Tour - Adult Peak, the tour uses a more scientific and ecofriendly approach to attracting the Great White Sharks. Instead of using old methods of bait and berley, that bring the predators into the boat expecting to hunt and in a ferocious mood, the operators of the Great Whites Tour - Adult Peak, use sound & vibration technology to gently keep the predators curious about the visitors to their environment. This approach helps keeps the Great White Sharks calm and leave their habitat undisturbed by humans. When the Great White Sharks arrive the recipient has a much better chance of viewing the calm nature of the shark and not a view that the Great White just hunts anything in its way. If you are shopping for Experience Gift Vouchers, think Great Whites Tour - Adult Peak, a truly remarkable and unforgettable shark adventure. This Tour Operator has adhered to the most current and best practice guidelines and aims for minimal disturbance to the marine giants. As a result of this commitment to best practice, the Tour Operator has been awarded with the ‘Advanced ECO Certification’ – the highest level of eco certification in Australia.

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