Love Who You Are Inspirations Book

Screen-printed hardcover book, by M.H. Clark

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Learn to love yourself with M.H. Clark’s Love Who You Are, a beautiful book both inside and out. Filled with encouraging words and meaningful statements, you’ll love yourself more and more with each page. And you’ll not only love who you are, but who you will become and what you will achieve.

Love Who You Are comes with beautifully screen-printed hardcover and Wibalin binding. So not only will this book inspire you, it will look great on a coffee table or bookshelf. No matter where you keep it, this book will continue to inspire for many years. Feel free to keep it for yourself or pass it along to someone new. The book measures 7”H x 5.38”W.

Give this book as a Christmas, birthday, or anytime gift to the special woman in your life. It makes a truly great present for preteens and teenagers.

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Discover Inspirational Books in our Christmas Presents and Birthday Presents for Women Range!

A good present for a special woman in your life is an inspirational book. At Everything but Flowers, customers can find many inspirational books in our range of Christmas presents and birthday presents for women range. To get more familiar with our most inspirational books, be sure to read the overview of inspirational books from the Christmas presents and birthday presents for women range below.

Love Who You Are 

The Love Who You Are book is one of the most inspirational books from our Christmas presents for women range. The book is written by one of our favourite authors, M.H. Clark, and is filled with encouraging words and meaningful statements. 

Love Who You Are from our range of Christmas presents for women is the ideal present for a strong woman who loves inspirational quotes and statements from time to time. It can be kept on the coffee table, but could also become a permanent fixture in the bookcase of your recipient.

Even though this book is an excellent present for the holidays, it can also be gifted for other special occasions; this includes Mother’s Day, birthdays and anniversaries. So, no matter the special occasion, the Love Who You Are book always goes down well.

Portraits of the World’s Most Stylish Women

Women passionate about fashion can draw inspiration from Portraits of the World’s Most Stylish Women, an excellent choice from our birthday presents range. Portraits of the World’s Most Stylish Women from our birthday presents range is a collection of the most stylish women in the world; this includes major celebrities such as Cate Blanchett, Catherine Deneuve and Charlotte Rampling. The book also includes a foreword from renowned fashion designer Christian Lacroix and afterword from Dita von Teese, both fashion icons who are famous across the globe.

If you need a present for a fashion and art lover, this Portraits of the World’s Most Stylish Women will be the most inspirational book for them. Like our other books in our range, this book can be kept on the coffee table, but could also complement an extensive collection of fashion books. 

Amazinger Face Book

Keeping your skin healthy and radiant is quite the task if you are growing older, so women need an inspirational book that gives them useful tips and hints on how to keep their skin young and radiant. Inside the Amazinger Face Book from our birthday presents range, women can find the best advice on how to maintain healthy skin, hair and how to use makeup to look their best.

The Amazinger Face Book is written by Zoe Foster Blake. She has created a collection of tips and hints, suitable for women with all kinds of budgets and lifestyles. And since this book has a total of 336 pages, the special woman in your life will be able to benefit from the tips and hints in this book for many years to come.

Kate Spade – Things We Love

When you need an inspirational book for a woman, you can never go wrong by picking a book written by Kate Spade. Kate Spade, now known under the name Kate Valentine, is an American fashion designer and business woman. Over the years, she has released numerous fashion collections, but also inspirational books that help women stay on top of the fashion industry.

Of course, Kate Spade is responsible for other inspirational books as well, and one of these books is Kate Spade – Things We Love. Things We Love is an inspirational coffee table book and is ideal for women who love design, photography and art.

More Compliments Postcard Book

If you want to compliment a special woman in your life, we can recommend the More Compliments Postcard Book. Even though this book is the perfect present for your partner, it could also be gifted to a best friend.

Inside the More Compliments Postcard Book, recipients will find a total of twelve postcards, which includes a total of six designs. So, if you believe a friend or your partner needs some compliments, be sure to add this compliments book to your gift list.

Planet Cake Love and Friendship Cookbook

Inspiration can also come from a cookbook, especially if you have a love for cooking and baking. One of the cookbooks that is certainly recommended for aspiring chefs is the Planet Cake Love and Friendship Cookbook, a collection of recipes for cakes that could be used for a special occasion.

Inside the Planet Cake Love and Friendship Cookbook, recipients can find more than 30 cake decorating designs for special occasions. The cake decorating ideas are modern, traditional and contemporary, so there is something suitable for everyone’s taste. 

Flower Addict

If you know someone who likes to arrange flowers, or has a true passion for growing the most beautiful flowers, you might be able to tempt them with the Flower Addict Book. The Flower Addict is a book that is solely dedicated to the floral arrangement, showing the most remarkable flower arrangements from Saskia Havekes, the owner of Grandiflora.

The flower arrangements featured in this inspirational book were photographed by Nicholas Watt. The book counts a total of 272 pages, and measures 2.8 x 24.9 x 33.8 centimetres. Therefore, this book can easily be kept on the coffee table, or in the room where your recipient creates the most beautiful floral arrangements. 

More Inspirational Books at Everything but Flowers

At Everything but Flowers, we aim to provide an extensive collection of inspirational books for both men and women. In addition to the inspirational books we described earlier, customers can find more inspirational books for women in our collection; this includes books on art, traveling, lifestyle and much more.Of course, inspirational books are not the only presents you can find at Everything but Flowers. In addition to books, our collection also includes gifts such as home decorations, experiences, homewares, hampers, beauty products, jewellery, handbags and personalised gifts. So, no matter what you need for your recipient, you will undoubtedly find it in our collection.