Rag Doll Daisy

Hand Crafted and Gorgeous

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We added Daisy to our shopping list the instant that we saw her. Which little girl (or adult for that matter) could possibly resist this lovable soft toy in colourful dress and stockings. Being handmade, each Daisy is different, but one thing is for sure, each Daisy will delight he recipient. It's handy to note that she is suitable for children 1 years and over.

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Why kids get so attached to their cuddly toys

It's amazing how attached children can get to certain toys. These are almost always soft toys perhaps it's because children love and need to be cuddled. We forget how crazy and scary the big world must be to toddlers, like it was for us. They look up surroundings packed with strangers; they're introduced to friends and relations they're told to be friends with. No wonder kids need a trusty companion like a doll or cuddly bear!

Dolls and teddy bears are classic kids gifts

We may have seen dolls and cuddly bears a million times, but kids haven't. Children can get very possessive over objects fights in nurseries over toys are a daily occurrence, with tears to follow. This is why it's important to get kids gifts they can call their own.

Our hand-crafted rag dolls have the happiest faces and the brightest clothes. They also have soft, fine arms and legs that are perfect for little hands to clutch as they travel about. These lovely and loving kids gifts will appeal hugely to little girls. Each one is hand-made and unique. Give a rag doll Ava or Rosie as kids gifts for girls and watch her face as she hugs her new friend.

Special cuddly bears are forever!

There's no doubt about it, cuddly teddy bears will always be favourite kids gifts. While dolls are aimed at girls even though boys like them too sometimes teddy bears suit both girls and boys. Babies love the soft, furry touch of teddies too, so they are wonderful kids gifts at any age.

Collectors of teddy bears, and there are plenty of them, pay a fortune for rare bears. Ours are just as lovely and won't break the bank!

We have books for doll lovers too

We've an amazing kids gift book called Paper Doll Set Musician & Artist, which girls who love fashion will particularly adore. This beautifully illustrated book has two durable paper dolls with a vinyl fashion wardrobe they can use over and over again.

The Hardcover Activity Book slot together Victorian Dolls House is easy to assemble, historically accurate, and comes with its own Victorian family, furniture and accessories. This is a kids gift that will definitely delight any little girl.