Whether he travels a lot or just likes to stay organised at home; this gorgeous monogrammed toiletry bag will keep all his favourite products at his fingertips when he needs them. Crafted from quality genuine leather, this stunning wet pack features an impressive personalised touch with up to four letters blind embossed on the bag surface to bring an extra touch of sophistication to his day.

Available in black or brown leather with a stylish khaki internal lining and stylish antique silver hardware this is a personalized leather gift thats all about him. Our impressive blind embossing technique is completed in house based on your instructions during the order process. With your choice of up to four letters for the monogram; this truly is a gift thats all about him.

Everything But Flowers completes every part of the order process in house so we can ensure complete quality control and the most stylish of personalised mens gifts. From our expert buyer selecting quality gifts to impress; right through to our trained personalisation staff who expertly emboss each gift by hand.

We know other gift companies prefer to outsource to external producers; but here, we know that our customer experience is the most important part of your gift shopping. By taking care of you every step of the way, we ensure you are able to find the perfect gift for the special people in your life, at the highest quality with order tracking to ensure you know where your order is at every step of the way.

As a natural material, leather will have variations in colour, creases and imperfections, making your item unique. These imperfections can include marks or nicks to which the leather can be susceptible during packing, transit and unwrapping. Over time you may see creasing or colour changes, all of which are natural features of leather.

Our leather products include care instructions to ensure your recipient can enjoy their personalised leather accessory for years to come.

Functional Men’s Presents You Could Obtain for Birthdays!

Men value functional presents more than anything else, so a functional present is usually the way to go. Of course, you must determine which item could be functional for your recipient, which does not make things easy for our customers. Fortunately, you can count on a stunning overview of the finest functional presents for men, which you could obtain for a birthday. Check out the overview below to learn more!

What Is the First Functional Men’s Present I Could Obtain for a Birthday?

One of the functional men’s presents you could obtain for a birthday is a lovely toiletries bag. There are several men’s toiletries bags available at Everything but Flowers, including our Brown Leather Toiletries Bag with Personalised Monogram.

The Brown Leather Toiletries Bag with Personalised Monogram is made from a durable and high-quality leather. It also comes with embossed personalisation, more specifically the initials of the recipient applied to the exterior of the toiletries bag.

Our Brown Leather Toiletries Bag with Personalised Monogram is perfect to store his shaving supplies, combs, and other small toiletries he may require. So, this functional item could be the best present choice for his birthday.

What Is the Second Functional Men’s Present I Could Obtain for a Birthday?

Another functional present we can recommend is the Slider Mini Burger Press, an excellent recommendation for men who enjoy cooking or barbecuing. With the Slider Mini Burger Press, you can press four mini burgers simultaneously, ensuring that his slider burgers are perfect every single time.

The Slider Mini Burger Press is made by Davis & Waddell, a well-known Australian manufacturer of kitchenware and homewares. Davis & Waddell is known for premium quality, so customers can trust in the superior quality that can be obtained from this brand.

What Is the Third Functional Men’s Present I Could Obtain for a Birthday?

There are more functional kitchen gadgets and tools you could consider for a male recipient, even male recipients who are not exactly master chefs. One of these gadgets is the Infusion Smoker & Wood Chip Set, which enables your recipient to add a smoky flavour to any ingredient.

The Infusion Smoker & Wood Chip Set can be used on

mains and desserts. It adds a smoky flavour onto a meal or ingredient of your choice in less than two minutes, so this tool is straightforward and fast!

When you choose the Infusion Smoker & Wood Chip Set, your recipient will receive the infusion smoker as well as some wood chips. Once the wood chips are used, your recipient can easily find additional wood chips in stores; this enables him to experiment with some unique flavours.

What Is the Fourth Functional Men’s Present I Could Obtain for a Birthday?

Our fourth recommendation for a male recipient is another functional barbecue tool, more specifically the Stainless Steel Barbecue Sausage Roller. With this sausage roller, your recipient can roll his homemade sausages over the barbecue; this guarantees even cooking and prevents burning.

As the name suggests, the Stainless Steel Barbecue Sausage Roller is made from a stainless steel material. The handle of the roller is made from quality wood and features an ergonomic design; this enables easier handling.

There are more functional barbecue utensils inside our catalogue; this includes the Maverick Barbecue Tool Set. The Maverick Barbecue Tool Set is a suitable present for men who enjoy to barbecue, but do not have their own set of tools yet. Of course, the Maverick Barbecue Tool Set is also a suitable choice for experienced barbecue lovers who want to expand on their barbecue utensil collection.

What Is the Fifth Functional Men’s Present I Could Obtain for a Birthday?

Another functional present to consider for your recipient is the Acacia Wood Breakfast Tray. The Acacia Wood Breakfast Tray enables your recipient to have his breakfast on the sofa or in bed. Of course, the tray could also hold onto a laptop.

As the name of the present suggests, the Acacia Wood Breakfast Tray is made from genuine Acacia Wood; this ensures a sturdy construction overall. The tray also has an extra feature, since the legs on the breakfast tray can be folded and unfolded as required.

Where Can I Find More Functional Men’s Presents for a Birthday?

Customers who would like to view more functional men’s presents can find more of these presents in our extensive catalogue. To find the men’s presents catalogue, simply head over to our main menu on the top of the page and click on ‘men’. You can also filter down your results by choosing one of the subcategories in our men’s section.

Need more information about any of the items mentioned here today? Get in touch with Everything but Flowers via telephone, email, or the instant messaging function on the website.

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