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Embroidered Coat

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From the deepest, darkest Peru, Paddington Bear first made his appearance in 1958. He was found with nothing but his hat, a half empty bottle of marmalade, and his suitcase at Paddington Station by Mr. and Mrs. Brown. Since then he has lived at 32 Windsor Gardens and has appeared in numerous books, television shows, and even a movie or two. In that time, hes become one of the most recognised and beloved bears throughout the world.

This Paddington Bear plush is wearing his signature bright red hat and embroidered blue coat. His blue felt coat is embroidered with the initials P.B. for Paddington Bear. He measures 30cm tall and is appropriate for children of all ages.

Now you can introduce a new generation to Paddington Bear with this lovely plush. Its a wonderful birthday, Christmas, or anytime gift for the young and young at heart! And take advantage of our premium gift-wrapping service, perfect for wrapping up Paddington Bear with love and care, ready to send to his new home.

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Celebrating your childs winter birthday?

Celebrating a winter birthday may seem hard. Location and weather may not be as glorious as the Spring and Summer months, so an outdoor adventure may not be possible. But thats the only downside. The great news is that you can throw a fantastic winter wonderland birthday party with great birthday presents for your childs birthday!

How do you decorate for a winter wonderland party?

Whether you live somewhere cold, warm, or hot during the winter season, a fun way to celebrate your childs winter birthday is by turning your house or birthday party venue into a winter wonderland. Fake snow is a good place to get started; consider using white blankets or white packing peanuts. Add glitter to the blankets or peanuts to make the snow look as if its shimmering.

Continue decorating with white, silver, and light blue balloons. For extra fun, put glitter in the balloons, then make it snow occasionally by popping one or two. You might also consider wrapping his or her birthday presents with glittery or snowflake wrapping paper to match the occasion.

What do you eat and drink in a winter wonderland?

The next step is to plan your winter wonderland snacks and beverages. Serve hot cocoa with marshmallows or apple cider. If its too hot outside to enjoy hot beverages, consider serving chilled apple cider or cold cocoa. Once youve sorted out the beverages, start preparing the food.

Make gingerbread cookies or snowmen out of marzipan. You can also make snowmen by drawing faces on the wrapper of stringed cheese. For the main course, make a pizza in the shape of a snowman. To keep the snowman looking somewhat pristine, put the pizza toppings beneath the white, mozzarella cheese. Use pepperoni slices for eyes, olives for the mouth, and a carrot for the nose.

Finally, what do you do in a winter wonderland?

A winter wonderland party isnt complete without some great crafts, activities, and games. Though you may not have snow, consider taking the children ice-skating. Use blue or white chalk to draw a pond on the ground.

For an inside activity, consider playing pin the nose on the snowman. Like pin the tail on the donkey, a picture of a snowman is placed on a wall. Everyone takes turns being blindfolded, spun around, and let loose to try to put the snowmans nose in the right place.

You can also let the kids play with their food by decorating cookies shaped like sweaters, penguins, snowflakes, or birthday presents with different colours of icing, sprinkles, and candies. This is a fun and tasty way to celebrate a winter birthday!

After all the fun and games, just dont forget to open the birthday presents! For a fun winter wonderland twist, stack the birthday presents in the shape of a small igloo.