Archie Bulldog LED Ornament

A Pet Dog With A Difference, What A Gift!

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It’s our job to help you find the perfect birthday presents here at Everything but Flowers, and here he is; Archie The Bulldog! He’ll sit watching proudly from the shelf, a bedside table or side table, and his beautiful white colouring will fit with any décor.

Archie will emit a gorgeous glow of light when needed, and luckily, he features LED lighting, an energy efficient and long lasting light source, so he’ll be around for a long time bringing smiles to the face of his new owner. Simple, stylish decorator pieces are the best option for gift buying, and Archie is sure to impress new and old alike, whether it’s a gift for the kids, or just for someone that loves on-trend design pieces.

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Discover Outstanding Home Decorations from the Birthday Presents Range!

If you need some birthday presents, you cannot go wrong by choosing some cool home decorations. There are numerous home decorations inside our range of birthday presents that will go down well with many recipients. Ready to discover some amazing gifts?

The Archie Bulldog LED Ornament

There are some beautiful LED ornaments inside our range of birthday presents; this includes the Archie Bulldog LED Ornament. This ornament looks amazing on bedside tables, side tables or even the mantelpiece. It immediately adds a nice atmosphere in any room, which is why many people want this ornament from the birthday presents range.

The Nutty Squirrel LED Ornament

If you like our Archie Bulldog, you will like our Nutty Squirrel LED Ornament as well. The Nutty Squirrel is quite like the Archie Bulldog, but features a different design. However, this LED ornament also looks great in any room, so you can easily combine this Nutty Squirrel with the Archie Bulldog in the same birthday gift. Naturally, there are many other LED ornaments inside our range, so the squirrel and bulldog design are just some of your options.

The Macy Bottle Vase

Every home needs a couple of vases for flowers and other things that could brighten up your home. In our range of birthday presents, customers can find a beautiful vase – the Macy Bottle Vase. The Macy Bottle Vase measures 11 by 38 centimetres, which means it is suitable for most side tables and coffee tables. It can also be a beautiful centrepiece on your dinner table.

The Macy Bottle Vase is the perfect birthday present for women with a love for interior design. It is also a recommended gift for anyone who likes fresh flowers in their home, but often run out of beautiful vases to put them into.

In addition to gifting the Macy Bottle Vase as a birthday gift, it can also be used as a Christmas gift, anniversary gift or wedding gift. We also provide premium gift wrap for this vase, so you can be sure your gift will be the best it can be.

The Copper LED Light String

Even though LED lights are more commonly associated with Christmas, they can be used to add more atmosphere to your home throughout the year. LED lights can be installed behind the TV for some extra atmosphere, but also underneath the units in your kitchen for some amazing lighting effects in the evening.

The Copper LED Light String has a length of ten metres and is battery operated; this means that you do not need to plug these in to get the amazing atmosphere you are after. Not needing a plug to use these LED lights is especially useful for homes with not as many plugs, so you can still enjoy the luxury of these lights without having to sacrifice one of your valuable electrical plugs.

In addition to using these lights for additional atmosphere in the home, they are also good to decorate your Christmas tree. So, no matter what you buy these lights for, your recipient will always find something useful to do with them.

The Aromatherapy Company Diffuser & Candles Set

Making your home welcoming is not all about the ornaments in your home and the colours of your walls, it is also about the smell. However, if you are not a fan of the normal Airwick products, it may be difficult to get a nice fragrance in your home. Still, there are some alternatives you can use to get a nice fragrance in your home.

In our range of birthday presents, customers can find a great alternative to most home fragrance products. One of these products is a diffuser and candles set from the Aromatherapy Company. This set features a fragrance of cocoa and vanilla, which can transform any home in a pleasant and welcoming environment.

The Aspects Wall Clock

When you need to put an emphasis on your home décor, it can help to add some decorations to your walls. Of course, there is no reason why you cannot make these wall decorations functional, so why not add a clock or another functional piece of home décor to your home?

One nice clock from our gifts range is the Aspects Wall Clock. The Aspects Wall Clock features an eye-catching design through a mix of moulded plastic and chrome-coloured handles. The design ensures this wall clock integrates smoothly in any interior with either a modern or contemporary design.

The Stephanie Alexander Plant Pot Set

Do you need a present for someone who likes to cook with fresh herbs? Or do you need a gift for a person who likes to have a lot of plants in their home? If either of these two categories applies to your recipient, then we can recommend the Stephanie Alexander Plant Pot Set.

Our Stephanie Alexander Plant Pot Set is suitable for inside as well as outside the home. The set consists of three galvanised pots and a drip tray, which are all designed by one of Australia’s favourite designers of home interior items, as well as favourite cook and restaurateur – Stephanie Alexander.

The Stephanie Alexander Plant Pot Set is perfect to grow your own herbs in the kitchen, but it has many other applications as well. Therefore, this item could be the perfect gift for anyone who likes to be creative in the kitchen, but also those who like to garden!

The Pink & Gold Round Photo Frame

Many people like to give a special photo in a nice frame as a special birthday present, which is why our range also contains some luxurious frames for you to take advantage of. One of the frames in our range we can certainly recommend is the Pink & Gold Round Photo Frame, a vintage style frame that can display all pictures with grace and elegance.


With many home decorations to take advantage of, Everything but Flowers is the place to go for all your home décor needs. Whether you purchase one of these items for yourself, or as a present for a special recipient, Everything but Flowers has unique items you cannot find anywhere else!