A good teddy bear can be a constant companion and friend to any child. With this in mind, Everything But Flowers offers a selection of Teddies that are great for all kids. Our most popular item is Soft Teddy Bear Toby, the classic Teddy. If you don’t like bears grab the soft and easy to hug Lambert the Lamb. Finally, for those cat lovers, the Plush Jungle Tiger is always a good buy. With our great selection of Teddies, you’ll be sure to find something special.

Teddies As Gifts

Everyone loves a plush toy! Soft and cosy it feels, a constant companion and a fabulous friend, good teddies can be all this and more for your child if you grab one for them from Everything But Flowers today! At Everything But Flowers, our most popular kids’ gift is Soft Teddy Bear, Toby, the classic Teddy. 

My kids love animals. Are there any animal plush toys available? 

Oh yes, we do have animal plush toys and they are available only at Everything But Flowers! We have our adorable Elephant Rattle for babies, Little Nutbrown Hare Baby Rattle, Eeyore Beanie Plush, Monkey Puppet Pet, Piglet Beanie Plush, Jemima Puddle Duck Rattle, Peter Large Plush, Bashful Cream Bunny, Beanie Plush Tigger, Cuddly Hippo and many more!

If your kids are huge fan of jungle animals?

Enliven your kid’s bedroom with our plush Jungle Elephant that brings the feel of the outdoors into the bedroom. Soft and smooth to the tiny hands, this awesome stuffed elephant can look majestic on any kid’s bed. Children love whimsical characters and jungle toys among others. Giving this jungle Elephant to children of all ages as a gift can certainly bring a glow of joy!

Should our Jungle Lion sit on a throne or on the lucky kid’s bed?

Regarded as the king of the jungle, our plush version would be more of a show-stopper in the bedroom than anywhere else. The plush exterior encapsulates the gentleness of the combination of tan, brown, and marigold yellow which comprise its colour scheme.

Would you be surprise if our Jungle Monkey and kids pair up to form a playfully smart tandem?

No Worries! Tricks and mischief can never dominate this partnership . Observing silence and proper behaviour, this plush monkey simply sits and waits to be grabbed by his little boss. Babies will love the feel of this sort and cuddly plush monkey.

Check our many other plush toys that are available at Everything But Flowers and get these kids’ gifts to brighten up your kids’ day today!

Are there any dolls at Everything But Flowers?

We have a few dolls available at Everything But Flowers for you to choose from! You can browse our teddies section online and look for our Hand-crafted Rag Doll Rosie, Ava and Poppy! These hand-crafted rag dolls are made from lovely soft cottons with gorgeous little dresses and stockings. Each one an individual! Get these dolls as kids’ gifts for your girls and they are sure to love it! They’ll then have new friends for their tea-party sessions. 

My kids are fans of Sesame Street. Are there any Sesame Street character plush toys available at Everything But Flowers?

You have come to the right place with all the quality-made teddies available only at Everything But Flowers! And yes, we have Sesame Street plush toys available just for you! Surprise your young Sesame Street fan with our Big Bird Plush and bring on that Sesame Street fun! The Big Bird Sesame Street plush is the perfect kids’ gift! Add the soft and lovable Mr Snuffleupagus to your kids’ Sesame Street Collection! Also, great to take along on kids’ big adventures and perfect as kids’ gifts, get our Cookie Monster Plush today for the kids today!