Baby showers offer such a special way to celebrate and honour the baby to be with wonderful baby shower gifts. We offer Australia's best selection of baby shower gifts for boys and girls along with a great range of unisex baby shower gift ideas when baby's gender is a surprise!

Find the Perfect Baby Shower Gift at Everything but Flowers!

Many customers find it difficult to obtain the perfect baby shower present. Fortunately, these customers can count on Everything but Flowers, who offer an amazing range of baby shower gifts. Want to get some recommendations from our expert team? Check out our recommended baby shower gifts below.

What Baby Shower Gift Should I Get for a Baby Girl?

Looking for a baby shower gift for a baby girl? If so, then there are several choices at Everything but Flowers. If you are buying for a baby girl, we recommend choosing one of our pink-themed gifts, since these gifts are specifically designed for newborn baby girls.

One of our suggestions is the Pink Bunny & Quilt Hamper from the Everything but Flowers baby hamper collection. In this hamper, you can find cute gifts for baby girls, including Marquise ‘Birds’ Bloomer Set, Flopsy the Giant Bunny, and a Marquise Girls Quilted Blanket.

You could also choose one of the adorable baby blankets, which is bound to get some use once the baby is born. The perfect blanket for a little baby girl is the RicRac Alice Knitted Baby Blanket. This blanket is made from a combination of cotton and bamboo, delivering a blanket that is loved for its softness as well as its durability.

What Baby Shower Gift Should I Get for a Baby Boy?

There are many baby shower gifts for baby boys. Contrary to the baby shower gifts for baby girls, the baby shower gifts for baby boys usually have a blue theme. Of course, you could also choose a neutral colour for a baby boy.

One of the baby shower gifts for baby boys is the Marquise Blue T-Shirt & Shorts Set. The clothing pieces in this set contain a beautiful beach design, so this set of clothes could be worn for baby’s first visit to the beach.

You could also choose one of the baby bath hampers available at Everything but Flowers; this includes the Thank You Co. Navy Baby Bath Hamper. Inside this hamper, parents can find many functional items they could use for the baby; this includes a hooded towel, face washers, bath wash, baby ointment, baby shampoo, and rubber duckies.

What Baby Shower Gift Should I Get for a Baby I Don’t Know the Gender Of?

Going to a baby shower when the baby is not born yet can be somewhat tricky, especially if the parents refuse to disclose the gender of the baby. Fortunately, Everything but Flowers has a solution for you; this includes baby gifts in neutral colours.

There are many neutral-coloured hampers for babies at Everything but Flowers; this includes the Ollie Owl New Baby Hamper. Inside the Ollie Owl New Baby Hamper, you can find baby products that can be used for both baby girls and baby boys; this because the products come in a neutral yellow colour.

You could also choose one of the white hampers for a baby shower if you do not know the gender of the baby. One of these baby hampers at Everything but Flowers is the Where’s the Green Sheep Baby Hamper. Inside this baby hamper, you can find a Marquise singlet, face washers, triple-milled baby soap, a cuddly toy, and Where’s the Green Sheep, a book that provides a lovely bedtime story.

What Other Baby Gifts Should I Get for a Baby Shower?

There are also some individual baby shower gifts you could obtain from Everything but Flowers, so you are not obligated to choose one of the baby hampers available in our store. Here are some of our additional suggestions for baby showers.

Customers can also buy a present for the parents to be. One such a present is the Baby Owner’s Manual. Even though this title may sound a little funny, the book actually comes with a lot of valuable tips and information. It is a no-nonsense guide on childcare, which means it is the perfect present for new parents.

Some baby hampers at Everything but Flowers also contain some presents for parents to be; this includes a bottle of champagne, wine, and loads of nibbles. So, if you are struggling to find presents for the baby as well as the parents for a baby shower, one of these hampers will be your best option.

Where Can I Get More Recommendations for Baby Showers at Everything but Flowers?

Do you need more inspiration for a baby shower, but are you getting a little lost in a sea of choices? You can always count on the advice of Everything but Flowers! Our team can provide you with personal recommendations from our range, so you always arrive at the baby shower with the right gift! Simply contact our team via telephone, email, or instant messaging to get more information.