Hello Pooh, Hello You! Board Book

Winnie-the-Pooh. With mirror surprise!

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Winnie the Pooh has been a consistent and favourite character throughout many childhoods. It’s difficult not to love the bumbling, honey-loving bear who has adventures and learns with his fun gang of friends. Now you can introduce Winnie the Pooh and his friends to your baby with Hello Pooh, Hello You!

In this board book, you and your baby can say hello to Pooh while going on an adventure to find his friends in the forest. At the end of the book, you and baby can lift open the flap for a surprise: a mirror! Hello you! The book measures 18.3 x 1.3 x 18.3 cm. It was first published in Great Britain, February 2015, by Egmont UK Limited.

We recommend giving Hello Pooh, Hello You! to new and expectant parents as an anytime or baby shower gift. But don’t stop there! Pair this book with the Eeyore Beanie Plush, Piglet Beanie Plush, and Tigger Beanie Plush. For the finishing touch, use our premium gift-wrapping service to customise and personalise your gift.

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Teach Your Child Important Skills with the Hello Pooh, Hello You! Board Book!

There are several educational presents for kids at Everything but Flowers. One of these educational presents for kids is the ‘Hello Pooh, Hello You!’ Board Book, an all-time classic a lot of parents are already familiar with. To learn more about this board book from our presents for kids range, and to discover more presents for kids that could have an educational value for your child, please read our information below.

Who Is Winnie the Pooh?

Winnie the Pooh usually requires no explanation, because this honey-loving bear is known by children and parents alike. The popular bear was originally created by English author A. A. Milne, who released the first Winnie the Pooh book in 1926.

Over the years, the Winnie the Pooh books have been translated to many different languages and the stories have even been adapted by Disney. Therefore, it is not unlikely that you may come across some Winnie the Pooh cartoons on TV.

What Is in This Book?

The Winnie the Pooh Board Book enables your toddler to go on an adventure with this cute little bear. During this adventure, your toddler will help Pooh look for his friends in the forest. At the end of the book, your toddler will also get a surprise, because the last flap of the book contains a mirror. Hello you!

We do need to mention that this Winnie the Pooh Board Book is not only suitable for toddlers, it is also a suitable gift for expecting parents, christening or baby shower. To ensure your gift looks amazing, customers can also use our premium wrapping service before checkout, so the gift is immediately ready to be gifted!

What Other Interesting Books Can I Find at Everything but Flowers?

There are other interesting books for kids at Everything but Flowers, so if you want to create a nice gift with multiple books, we have some extra options for you. The books below are suitable for kids of various age ranges, so be sure to consult the product description of each book to make sure it is suitable for the young recipient you have in mind.

How to Build a Human Body

How to Build a Human Body is an ideal choice for children interested in biology and science. The book describes some of the mysteries of the human body and its functions, so children can learn in a fun way. Of course, this book could contribute to the career of a future doctor or scientist, which is why we heavily recommend this book for any child that shows an interest in this field.

ABCs of Winnie-The-Pooh

There are more Winnie The Pooh books inside our range, including the ABCs of Winnie the Pooh. Provided in a board book version, the ABCs of Winnie the Pooh book is perfect for both boys and girls, who want to get a little more familiar with the alphabet. The book also contains some beautiful illustrations, which makes the learning process more interesting for the child in question.

Clockwork Soldier Design a Superhero Comic

Creative children may need a book where they can let their creativity roam free. One such a book from our range is the Clockwork Soldier Design a Superhero Comic, which gives your child everything needed to start a genuine comic book production.

The Clockwork Soldier Design a Superhero Comic contains a comic book, activity book, three project activity sheets, four graphic tracing sheets and a cardboard stencil sheet. All these items were especially designed for children between the age of 7 and 12, so children of these ages can hone their creative skills with this fun book.

Day of the Dinosaurs

Many children have an interest in dinosaurs, so it is no surprise the ‘Day of the Dinosaurs’ is one of the most popular books in our entire range. Dinosaurs still capture the imagination of many children, so it is both a creative and educational gift.

‘Day of the Dinosaurs’ contains facts and information written by author Steve Brusatte. It also contains some amazing illustrations, which have been provided by illustrator Daniel Chester. This book will give children many hours of fun, so you cannot go wrong by choosing this book for a child that loves dinosaurs.

Little People, Big Dreams: Coco Chanel

While ‘Day of the Dinosaurs’ is usually more suitable for boys, ‘Little People, Big Dreams: Coco Chanel’ is more suitable for girls. Coco Chanel tells the story about a little girl who grew up in an orphanage, but ultimately became a fashion mogul and legend. It is an interesting biography, but adapted to the reading level and world of young girls.


Living in the big city can be a challenge for young children, but ‘Cityblock’ aims to make it a little easier. The book is divided into three categories: things to do, things that go and things to eat. It also explains twenty-four important things about living in the big city, which enables young children to get more familiar with their living environment in a fun and safe way.

‘Cityblock’ is written by Christopher Franceschelli and is illustrated by Peskimo. The book counts a total of 96 pages and is mainly suited for girls and boys between three and six years old. If the child you need a gift for falls into this category, make sure they have this amazing book in their collection.

More Amazing Children’s Books at Everything but Flowers

The children’s books we described above are just some of the most popular choices from our range. In addition to these books, parents can find many more options, including but not limited to: ‘Doodle Town’, ‘Lego Ninjago: Masters of the Elements’ and ‘Lots of Things to Find and Colour in Fairyland’. Because of this extensive range, parents will have no problems finding several suitable books for their children. Of course, these books are also suitable for relatives needing a present for their favourite niece or nephew.