Therapy Baby Natural Soap Bar

Featuring 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil

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Nourish baby's skin with The Aromatherapy Company's Therapy Baby Soap; featuring 100% pure and natural Lavender Essential Oil for soothing and calming.

The benefits of lavender to calm are well known, which makes this the perfect soap to bathe baby with at the end of the day to promote a settled evening's sleep. Not only does this gorgeous soap promote calm and relaxation; thanks to the healing properties of Vitamin E, Goat's Milk moisturising and the healing properties of Olive Oil, this soap nurtures baby's skin to keep it soft and moisturised.

This 80g soap will delight parents for its soothing properties and its beautiful aroma. The Aromatherapy Company are a New Zealand company who proudly create products that are natural while promoting a company ethic of environmental responsibility.


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Baby Therapy Boxed Soap

Parents, godparents, grandparents, and basically everyone else are expected to take extra care for kids in the family. Babies, especially newborns, have really delicate skin as they are just starting to get used with what’s out there. Parents are also meticulous in choosing what skin care products they use on them. With that, their relatives and friends get a hint of what presents for kids to give them in any occasion.

Being a relative, friend, or more so a parent, means you want only the best for the children. You pour your love for them unconditionally, without them even noticing. Kids value toys and other material things over the affection you give now, of course. Since you understand that, you can make them feel your love through giving gifts. Presents for kids are normally dolls or robots, but you can choose to stand out. Give them something that is practical—something they can use.

Why Practical Stuff are the Best Presents for Kids

It is almost an imperative to give toys as presents for kids in any occasion. Majority of gift givers will surely buy play kits as their presents for the kids. Be unique and give practical stuff the kids can actually use. It is better to give lotion or soap, as they will sooner or later throw their toys to the corner of the room. You sure are aware of the attention and liking span of kids, right? Be it on food, television show, teddy bear, or toys, they want them brand new.

If you give them skin products fit for their age, for instance, it is guaranteed that these will not be put to waste after a week or two. Since soaps and the like last for a month or less, you will not have to worry if the kids will just throw them away or do not want to use them anymore. Because before they do, they have already used it up. Practicality in choosing presents for kids comes with savings, too. Imagine the savings your gift could give them! Some items are now off the grocery list because you already gave it to them as your presents for kids in the family.

Take a Look at the Baby Therapy Boxed Soap

Whatever the occasion is, the Baby Therapy Boxed Soap should be one of the awesome presents for kids in your shopping cart. This bathing soap from The Aromatherapy Company features 100% pure and natural Lavender Essential Oil for soothing and calming. Babies will definitely be pampered, making them feel comfortable day and night. This 80g soap also has Vitamin E, Goat's Milk, and Olive Oil that ensure the baby’s soft and moisturised skin. What makes this baby soap quite attractive is its packaging and price. The simple box is levelled up by the cute label and bee cut-out that comes with it. With this affordable gift, you can make both the baby and his/her parents happy! Guess it is practical for both the giver and the receiver, yes?

Where to Get the Beautiful Baby Therapy Boxed Soap

Everything But Flowers provides Australia with the best presents for kids you can ever imagine. Our online store has a wide range of gift choices for all ages and occasion. The Baby Therapy Boxed Soap is just one of the many beautiful presents you can give your loved ones. With Everything But Flowers, your gifts will certainly be the favourite!