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Gentle skincare, cosy cotton bath accessories and fun rubber duckies to bring joy to bath time; this is the perfect newborn baby gift hamper to celebrate a wonderful new arrival. We think this baby hamper is extra special thanks to the gentle skincare products from the amazing team at Thank You Co. This magical brand help to end world poverty through each of their products sold, to help make the world a better place for each generation.

Perfectly paired with luxurious soft cotton bath accessories in neutral grey, this stylish gift makes a wonderful baby shower present that helps new parents celebrate their new arrival in style. Thank You Co. skincare is paraben and soap free to keep baby’s skin moisturised and soothed. This hamper is available for Australia-wide delivery and Everything But Flowers offers order tracking so you’ll know your gift is delivered safely and on time.


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Bubba Blue Polka Dots Grey Face Washers

Bubba Blue Polka Dots Grey Face Washers

High grade cotton, made to help clean your babies face but still feeling soft and smooth.

Bubba Blue Polka Dots Grey Hooded Towel

Bubba Blue Polka Dots Grey Hooded Towel

Super soft hooded towel helping to get baby dry and keep them warm and snug after bath time. An essential item for baby.

Thank You Co Baby Bath Wash

Thank You Co Baby Bath Wash

A calming, natural bath wash to keep your baby happy and healthy. Free from soaps and parabens, this bath wash is an Aussie favourite.

Thank you Co Baby Ointment

Thank you Co Baby Ointment

A soothing ointment that helps creates a barrier to protect from nappy rash and discomfort. Made from real hydrating ingredients.

Thank You Co Baby Shampoo

Thank You Co Baby Shampoo

Super gentle shampoo made just for your little one. Cleanses hair while promoting the skin's natural oils.

Set of 4 Rubber Duckies

Set of 4 Rubber Duckies

Bath time fun with Star Rose Squirty Ducks, bright, fun colour made sure to keep your little ones smiling.

Our Favourite Baby Hampers for Little Boys! Explore Them Today at Everything but Flowers!

All our baby hampers are stunning, but even the Everything but Flowers team has its favourites. Today, we will disclose those favourites to you and give you some great ideas for a newborn baby present at the same time. So, if you need a good baby present for a little boy, be sure to read the overview below.

What Is the First Favourite Baby Hamper for a Little Boy at Everything but Flowers?

One of our favourites for a baby boy is our Thank You Co. Grey Baby Bath Hamper. It is our favourite for a reason, because this hamper is packed with tons of useful items for the little bub. Of course, some of the products have additional benefits as well, so let us elaborate a bit and introduce you to the great products featured in the Thank You Co. Grey Baby Bath Hamper.

Baby bath products are found a plenty inside our ThankYou Co. Grey Baby Bath Hamper. We included organic face washers and a hooded towel from baby brand Bubba Blue, but also various baby bath products from the ThankYou brand. While the benefit of the organic Bubba Blue products is clear immediately, the ThankYou products come with an additional benefit. For each product sold, part of the profit goes to charitable organisations across Australia. So, if you want to support charity and get some functional baby presents at the same time, you cannot go wrong with the selection of ThankYou baby bath products inside this hamper.

Of course, a baby bath hamper would not be complete without a classic bath time toy, a cute rubber duck! Still, we were worried the baby might run out, so instead of one rubber duckie, we included four!

What Is the Second Favourite Baby Hamper for a Little Boy at Everything but Flowers?

Another amazing baby hamper customers should consider for a little boy is the Fred Bunny & Quilt Hamper. The Fred Bunny & Quilt Hamper is not filled with baby bath products like our previous suggestion, but it does contain some functional items the baby will need in other situations.

Inside the Fred Bunny & Quilt Hamper, customers can find a singlet & short set as well as a quilted blanket from Marquise. Parents who already had a child are undoubtedly familiar with Marquise already, since it is one of Australia’s favourite baby fashion brands. The brand uses the softest cotton in their clothing and their accessories, so this will undoubtedly reflect in the baby’s comfort levels when wearing the clothing set or sleeping on the quilted blanket in the cot.

Our Fred Bunny & Quilt Hamper also contains a Fred the Bunny, an amazing cuddly toy that will be the little boy’s first companion. Fred is made with soft materials and detailing that matches the other gifts inside this gift basket. He does not contain any small parts either, so he is a safe companion for a newborn baby boy.

What Is the Third Favourite Baby Hamper for a Little Boy at Everything but Flowers?

There are more stunning baby hamper choices at Everything but Flowers, including the Blue Knit Blanket & Sophie Hamper. The Blue Knit Blanket & Sophie Hamper is also one of our most affordable hamper choices, so customers on a budget are bound to appreciate this one.

The Blue Knit Blanket & Sophie Hamper contains a delightful Marquise blanket for the cot or stroller, but also a genuine Sophie La Giraffe Teether. The Sophie La Giraffe Teether is a valued gift amongst parents, since this cute toy can soothe a baby’s sore gums while he is teething.

Our Sophie La Giraffe Teether should be considered over most teethers on the market today. Unlike most mass produced teethers, the Sophie La Giraffe Teether is made from natural materials; this keeps the teether completely free of harsh chemicals that could influence the baby’s health negatively. Instead, Sophie La Giraffe is made with natural rubber and a safe food-grade paint.

Sophie La Giraffe can be found in some of the neutral hampers at Everything but Flowers as well. So, if you do not know the gender of the little bub, you can still obtain this adorable giraffe by looking at one of the neutral hampers in our collection.

What Baby Hampers Are Favourited by the Customers at Everything but Flowers?

The Everything but Flowers team may have its favourites, but so do our customers. To help you find the favourite baby hampers of our customers easily, simply use the convenient sorting menu in the catalogue. Sort by popularity and receive an immediate overview of the most popular baby hamper choices.

Do you have a question about the items in the gift baskets described? Feel free to get in touch with our team for more info.