Where is the Green Sheep? 

With Fun Illustrations and a Cute Rhyming Story

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There are blue sheep, brave sheep, red sheep, and scared sheep. Who knew there were so many different types of sheep?! But the only sheep we can’t seem to find is the green one. Where is the Green Sheep? features a fun rhyming story that baby will love. Throughout the book, baby will encounter all sorts of interesting sheep as they search for the elusive green sheep.

Turn storytime into a fun quest with Where is the Green Sheep?, a lovely story for kids of all ages! The 32-page hardback book measures 22.1 x 22.4cm. It’s illustrated by Judy Horacek and written by Mem Fox.

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Make Baby Giggle With Your Baby Gifts

When babies laugh, it really is one of the loveliest sounds on earth. The laughter of babies is catching, and a happy baby letting out a full-bodied giggle is such a joy. You can get gifts for babies that will help baby and parents have loads of fun and laughter. Books can be very funny and interesting for babies, as can activities and play, so let's see what gifts for babies we have on Everything But Flowers to help baby and parents bond and have fun.

The charmingly illustrated book Where Is The Green Sheep?, and another book we have giving you 101 tips on how to make babies smile, are gifts for babies that create lots of laughs and are awesome for creating a bond between baby and parents. Your baby gifts that create fun interaction between parent and child are invaluable. So much of parents' time is spent on feeding, washing, and fulfilling other adult responsibilities, that giving gifts for babies and parents that encourage them both engaging in play are just wonderful.

Where Is The Green Sheep? and other illustrated baby gifts are excellent for getting babies to understand shapes, colours and objects. The sweet pictures are appealing to babies and parents, and the fun of looking for the green sheep creates a lovely relationship between parent and child. Even though the baby is so tiny, and it's mind is only beginning to understand the world, the baby is always learning, even if we don't understand how. So don't underestimate the power and benefits of your baby gifts!

Other fun books that make excellent gifts for babies are puppet books. We have one featuring Peter Rabbit. These interactive books are sometimes favourite gifts for babies since they encourage so much excited squealing and laughter. When you buy from Everything But Flowers, if you can't give your baby gifts directly to the parents, we'll gift-wrap your baby gifts and include a free gift card, and then send them for you. You can let us know what you'd like to say in the card, and we'll write that for you. Buying gifts for babies can be easy.

Gifts for Water Babies

Babies adore splashing in the bath or pool. The sound of water and the motion of the water is a joy for them. You can get baby gifts that'll give baby heaps of laughter and joy. We have a float for the swimming pool shaped like a swan. It's small, especially made for babies. It suits little ones from 24 months onwards, and what fun they'll have with your wonderful gifts for babies!

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