'Ears' The Bunny Organic Comforter

Safe for the Earth. Safe for Baby.

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Ears is the softest, cuddliest, and cutest little bunny around! The Maud N Lil Ears the Bunny Comforter is a wonderful addition to any nursery. Ears is crafted from 100% certified organic cotton velour and cornstarch filler, making this snuggly rabbit safe for baby and eco-friendly. Ears is perfect for bedtime cuddles and even features a dummy holder so baby can self-soothe like a pro.

To clean, hand wash Ears the Bunny in warm water. The comforter measures 30cm lengthwise.

For eco-conscious parents, we highly recommend this Maud N Lil Ears the Bunny Comforter. This an earth-friendly and safe gift that any parent would appreciate. Premium gift-wrapping options are available from your Everything But Flowers cart.

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Cuddly Baby Gifts Are Great!

We all know babies love to be held and comforted, though we also know that cuddling doesn't necessarily stop a baby from crying! Being comforted, even if the baby keeps on crying, is so important because it supports the baby's emotional health. So how about getting baby gifts that comfort the little'un? These types of gifts for babies might give the parents a break too!

Babies love touch and are endlessly curious, so it's difficult to disappoint them with your gifts for baby. They'll pick up any object they can within reach, and usually the first port of call for the object is in their mouth! This is usually ok as long as the baby gifts are made with safe materials and are clean.

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Gifts for Babies They Can Take To Bed

The Maud N Lil Ears the Bunny Comforter is one of those cuddly baby gifts that make wonderful sleeping companions. It's a cuddly friend that will help baby snuggle up to sleep, and this excellent baby gift is also a dummy holder, so baby gets a double dose of comfort! This special baby gift is packaged in a gorgeous Maud N Lil box, too, so it looks amazing. Babies can sometimes get so attached to certain gifts for baby they'll take them everywhere. The Maud N Lil Ears the Bunny Comforter is that type of gift for baby.

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