Royal Selangor Fork Spoon Knife Trinket Box

Beautifully packaged in a wooden Trinket Box

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A charming gift of beautifully sculpted early childhood dining crockery, this three piece pewter set is comprised of a fork, spoon and knife. Made from lead-free, non-contaminable pewter. Sculpted teddy figures made from 18/8 stainless steel. Presented in wooden gift box. Measuring at approximately 14cm each.

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Buying christening gifts for the first time?




If youre buying christening gifts for the first time, you may find you have trouble deciding what to give to the newly christened baby. You may be asking, whats expected of the people who attend a christening?

Unless the christening is taking place during a christening service and if you were invited to this special event, you will most likely be expected to give a gift. Heres some basic information to help you understand what a christening is and what gifts are appropriate.

What is a christening service?

During a christening service, a baby is given his or her Christian name and is accepted into their religious community. For some parents, this is a very serious and somber event. For others, a christening service is important, but doesnt carry as much religious meaning. If you were invited to a christening and are unsure about the seriousness of the event, just ask the parents.

What christening gifts are appropriate for ?

If the christening is a serious religious event for the parents and for the newborn, consider giving religiously-themed presents. Traditionally, christening gifts were meant to prepare the baby for various facets of life, such as their financial and religious health.

So if the christening carries with it serious religious connotations for the parents, it would be appropriate to give an item engraved with a piece of scripture. A Bible, crucifix, or a similar gift would also be considered suitable. Just make sure the baby doesnt already have a Bible or crucifix.

What if the christening is simply a secular naming service?

If the parents are only casually religious, its probably more suitable to give secular gifts. When giving more secular christening gifts, your options greatly increase. Now all you need to decide is whether youre going to give a traditional or a modern gift.

Because christening gifts are meant to prepare a baby for the future, traditional gifts include silver, coins, and various other valuable items. For a more modern, yet traditional present, you can give money, start a savings bond, or begin a college fund for the child.

Traditional gifts can be very meaningful, but so can more modern christening gifts. Its often perfectly acceptable to give gift hampers, toys, and items typically associated with a baby shower. A large difference between buying gifts for a baby shower and a christening is that the parents most likely wont have a registry for the christening.

A final tip:

Take what you know about the parents and use that knowledge to find some good ideas. Are the parents religious? Is this their first child? You get the idea.

If you dont feel you know the parents well enough, give them items they can use for the baby, like diapers or a gift hamper full of wine and snacks.