Laguiole Girls French Cutlery Set

Sweet French design For Little Girls

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Young girls using this Girls French Cutlery Set will reflect the fusion of French table etiquette and the substance of fine dining. Sporting ABS plastic handles in different colours, this cutlery set features a spoon, a cake fork, and a butter knife that are exquisitely placed into a perfectly carved wooden display box.

Durability and gleaming elegance characterise the design and composition of this French flatware. The sleek and polished look reveals the meticulous craftsmanship that forms each piece. Giving this to young girls enables them to get a taste of the essence of fine dining and allows them to experience French table manners.

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What type of christening gifts should godparents give?

If youve been asked to be a godparent, you should be incredibly honoured. Due to the importance of the role, the christening gifts you give should be a bit different than the christening gifts given by others.


What is a godparents responsibility?

A godparents responsibility varies greatly from culture to culture and family to family. Traditionally a godparent is responsible for mentoring the child throughout their life, while also providing religious direction and spiritual guidance. Though this is still often expected of the godparent, its also normal for the position to be symbolic.

If one of the childs parents pass away, a godparent is expected to take on the role of that parent to the child. This is to ensure the child continues to have stable support and is able to enjoy experiences they would have had with the parent that passed away.

This responsibility is different than being a legal guardian, though sometimes godparents will be the legal guardians in the event of a death or deaths.

What types of christening gifts should you give?

If youve been asked to be a godparent, then you likely have a close or meaningful relationship with the parents. And because of the responsibility being bestowed on you, its important your relationship and your accepted responsibility dictate your choice of christening gifts.

Typically, christening gifts were meant to provide for the babys financial or religious future. The types of gifts that were given often included silver, keepsakes, or both. Today, its suitable to give less traditional gifts, such as toys, gift baskets, and clothing. If youre a godparent, however, more traditional christening gifts are usually expected.

What are some ideas for the christening gifts you should give?

If you do choose to give a traditional gift, there are several great options. If you want to give silver, a classic choice is a spoon, cup, or bowl. To make the gift extra special, get the item monogrammed with the babys initials or full name.

You could also start a college fund or savings bond for the baby. This is a great way to show your commitment to providing guidance to the child throughout their life.

If youre still looking for a traditional gift, you can also consider any number of keepsakes, such as handmade lace, keepsake boxes, or a set of books. These keepsakes will serve as a reminder to the child of your commitment to them.

A final tip:

Whether your role as godparent is symbolic or comes with responsibility, its an honour to be asked to fill that role. It also means you probably have a meaningful relationship with the family or the parents. So spend time thinking about that relationship to find a gift that would be most meaningful to them and to you.