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An 18th birthday is very special, so it requires some amazing 18th birthday presents. Fortunately there is Everything But Flowers, who offer a wide selection of 18th birthday presents that are original as well as special. Curious what we can offer you? Then read on and discover all our extraordinary 18th birthday presents!

What Is The Best Gift For An 18 Year Old?

Buying a gift for an 18 year old may seem complicated, but it is actually easier than you might think. When you look at our selection of 18th birthday presents, you will immediately notice a general theme, more specifically alcohol.

Since 18 is the legal drinking age, many people choose something alcoholic as a gift for an 18th birthday. However, this does not need to be alcohol, but can also be alcohol related. Good examples of alcohol related 18th birthday presents are drinking games, glasses or cocktail books and equipment.

Of course, alcohol is also a pretty safe choice. In our range you will find various hampers with alcoholic beverages. One of the all-time favourites for many customers is the beer hamper, so this is definitely one of our recommendations for an 18th birthday.

Do You Have Any Novelty Gifts?

Making sure the birthday party is fun is always a good thing and what better way to do that than to gift one of our great 18th birthday novelty gifts?  Maybe novelty shot glasses or a drinking game would fit the bill here.


Do You Have Any Hampers?

One of the most popular gifts, no matter which country you are in, is probably the gift hamper. By ordering a gift hamper, you immediately get a bunch of great gifts without having to wrap anything!

Everything But Flowers has a great amount of gift hampers available for you, including some gourmet and beer hampers, which are recommended for an 18th birthday. Would you like to see even more gift hampers? Then we can recommend having a look at our hampers section.

Can You Provide Me With Gift Wrap?

Everything But Flowers can do better than that. On the Everything But Flowers website you can buy 18th birthday presents, but also get them wrapped. Our company offers a premium wrapping service, so you do not have to worry about a thing.

Where Can I Obtain More Information?

Do you need more information about our 18th birthday presents? Or do you have a question for our customer service team? Call the Everything But Flowers support team at 1300 305430. Our team of experts will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Customers can also reach our customer support team by filling in the enquiry form on the website or by sending their question to