Valentine’s Day 2022


10 of the Best Gifts for Him & Her

It’s that time of the year when we get to celebrate our loved ones with romantic gifts. To do it right, you need to find that special gift that says it all – which, for a lot of people, is easier said than done. Fortunately, the team at Everything But Flowers has years of experience at curating the most luxurious, most pampering, most romantic presents on the market.

Of course, we understand that ‘most romantic’ is different from one person to the next. Rest assured, however, that no matter who it is you’re buying for – wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend or secret crush – we have you covered.

Whether they’re a real chocoholic, a zythophile (that’s a beer lover, by the way), a wine connoisseur, a champagne lover, whether they’re simply in need of some pampering, indulging or generally letting them know they are the BEST ever, the experts at Everything But Flowers is your start and finish for Valentine’s Day gifts in 2022.


Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

It’s the most romantic date on the calendar, so it’s fair to say it comes with a decent level of pressure. You want to get it right; you want her to feel appreciated, loved and as special as you know she is. But what romantic gift could possibly say all that? Flowers, of course, are a timeless tradition, but they also scream, ‘it’s the thought that counts’.

The key is to get her something that says you know what she likes and – by extension – who she is. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive gift you can find or the biggest hunk of jewellery; just something that appeals to her tastes and implies that YOU’VE BEEN PAYING ATTENTION.

We’re confident you’ll find just the right gift for your belle in the list below.

L’Occitane & Moet Hamper

Okay, let’s start with the big guns. This hamper comes with products from two of the most luxurious brands on the market: a bottle of Brut Imperial NV Champagne from Moet & Chandon, and a range of shower gels, creams and lotions from L’Occitane.

And it doesn’t stop there. To help the bubbles go down, we’ve included a selection of delectable chocolate-themed snacks from Ernest Hillier, Maya & Monte and more.

This gift hamper, full of exquisite, high-quality products, oozes luxury. If Valentine’s Day 2022 is all about spoiling (and it is), this box of goodies is a sure-fire winner.

Her Relaxation

It’s been a long couple of years, so something that simply helps her unwind might be all that she’s after. This Valentine’s Day gift box has been designed for precisely that purpose, with all the accoutrements needed for a muscle-melting soak in the tub.

From Sohum, there’s a Botanical Candle to set the mood through light and scent; there’s two luxurious bottles of body wash and lotion; a soft, enveloping bathrobe; and – to maintain the energy levels while soaking – Ernest Hiller Choc Berries.

All the stress and anxieties built up from living within a pandemic will be melted away with this pampering Valentine’s Day hamper. 

L’Occitane Almond Gift Set

If she likes the feel of smooth, satiny skin (and who doesn’t?), then this carefully curated selection of L’Occitane skin care products might be just what she’s after. The L’Occitane En Provence Almond Discovery Collection includes five luxurious products to nourish the skin and help it glow, all from a company who knows more about it than most.

Leaving the skin deliciously scented with almond, the nut used in these products is sourced solely from southern France. Once a familiar part of the Provencal landscape, the almond tree has become somewhat forgotten in the region, and L’Occitane are doing what they can to return it to its former glory.

Personalised Black Leather Wallet

What could be more personal than a monogrammed gift? Now, buying her a wallet might seem a little daunting considering how subjective tastes can be, but this stylish black leather wallet from Harper is just so universally appealing.

Kitted out with a range of compartments to keep all her things organised, this wallet is crafted from genuine leather and offset with beautiful pale gold hardware.

But the feature that really sets this gift apart is the gold foiling lettering embossed across the front. Simply enter up to four letters during your purchase and we’ll send a beautifully personalised Valentine’s Day present to your unsuspecting beau. She’ll treasure it for a lifetime.

A Louenhide Bag

These high-quality products from Australian-owned brand Louenhide perfectly combine style and practicality. There are two options to choose from – the Olivia White Top Handle Bag and the Rubix Bubblegum Pink Crossbody Bag.

They may look like the ultimate in style and fashion, but that doesn’t mean they lack functionality. They are internally spacious with multiple compartments so finding things won’t take up the entire morning, and the Rubix comes with adjustable straps to fully customise the experience.

These luxury bags will be treasured for years.

Sunnylife Rosé Pool Float

Sunnylife have a knack for combining what’s important in life with a dash of fun. For many of us, rosé is an important part of life, and pool floats are an essential part of summer bliss.

Let her take full advantage of those warm summer afternoons and chill out on an inflatable bottle of pink, ideally with a glass of pink close to hand.      

ASPAR Travel Rituals

Yes, the skies are opening up. While the ability to travel for work and to see friends and family is a wonderful thing, what air travel does for the skin isn’t so good. Help her skin and hair stay nourished and glowing on the long hauls with this collection of moisturisers and nourishers from ASPAR.

Shampoos, conditioners, body creams and cleansers, hand washes and creams – everything the body needs to rebalance and rehydrate after hours spent in dry, recycled air. Also included is an eye mask to promote some restoring shuteye, and a guided mediation track to ease her back into the somewhat nerve-jangling experience that is flying. This is a gift that shows you care….and maybe show that travel might be on the cards for you both.


Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

What do guys like on Valentine’s Day? Well, if we believe the clichés, there’s not a romantic bone in their body, so whatever they’d want for birthdays or Christmases would work just as well on Valentine’s Day. Socket wrenches, golf clubs, BBQ accessories…

But, deep down, we know men are actually unique and have the ability to surprise us. Valentine’s Day is about pampering and indulgence, and there are plenty of men out there who would appreciate a little luxury every now and again. Here’s our selection of the best gifts for men on Valentine’s Day 2022.

His Relaxation

Yes, men enjoy long, hot baths and scented moisturisers just as much as women, despite their hesitancy to admit it. Show him you know him better than he thinks with this pampering box of goodies designed to elevate his secret bath sojourns.

He’ll love the body wash and lotion, scented with sandalwood and sea salt, from Aromatherapy Co., as well as the loofah to wash away the day’s grime. While he’s softening his tired muscles, he can snack on some Ernest Hillier chocolate-coated scorched almonds and, once he’s done, slip into a luxurious, cotton waffle bath robe. He’ll feel good and – more importantly – smell good too with this Valentine’s Day hamper.

L’Occitane Discovery Collection

Men love shaving accessories and, with the skies slowly opening again, this collection of L’Occitane daily essentials comes in a convenient travel bag. All the important stuff is there – shaving gel, aftershave balm, shower gel, even a purifying shampoo.

Whether he needs a bit of rejuvenation after time spent in the air or simply wants something a little luxurious to add to the morning routine or take to the gym, this kit of quality products will do the job very nicely.

The Ultimate Gourmet Gift

Time to pull out all the stops. Valentine’s Day 2022 is about pure indulgence, and this incredible hamper has it in spades. Where to begin? Front and centre is the decadent bottle of Shiraz from Johnny Q, full of oaky after tones and deep berry flavours.

Around it are gathered an extensive array of gourmet treats, from chocolates to pretzels, tortilla chips to olives, cashew nuts to chutneys and mustards to melting moments. This hamper really has it all. If all you want to do is shower him in artisanal products and show him how much you care, this ultimate gourmet collection is blunt and to the point.

Whisky For Him

The number of distilleries across Australia has exploded in the past decade or so, and it’s all down to Don Draper. A corner office, brylcreem, a potted palm and a small bureau for your alcoholic beverages – it’s what office life used to be about. Thankfully, we’ve moved past drinking during office hours, but a tipple of something delicious to help unwind after work is something many men (and women) are quite partial to.

Enter the Glenlivet. This is a top shelf, single malt Scotch whisky, aged for 12 years. The amber fluid goes down smooth and takes with it the day’s trials. It’s certainly a decadent drop, especially when consumed from the included whisky glasses, cooled with the included whisky stones and followed with the included Chocolatier delights. Highly appropriate for your man this Valentine’s Day.

Personalised Toiletries Bag

Let’s face it: men like to put their name on things. Just look at Roger Federer. Until your man becomes a grand slam champion, though, there’s this gorgeous black leather toiletries bag with the option for a personalised monogram.

Made from beautifully soft leather (yes not leather look), this toiletries bag will keep all his essentials in one handy place, whether he’s constantly on the move or working from home. The impressive blind embossing technique is performed in house based on your instructions included during the checkout process. There’s up to four letters that can be included in the monogram and, once completed, he’ll have a truly unique gift that will be treasured for years to come.

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