Pipe Wrench Butane Gas BBQ Lighter

Refillable Butane Gas BBQ/Utility Lighter

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Do you have a Mr Fix It in your life? Well this is surely the perfect gift for men who love to get busy making sure everything's working! This collector's edition Pipe Wrench Novelty BBQ Lighter is just the gift to bring a smile to his face.

Whether he's a plumber, a handy man, or he's got a history of disastrous fix-ups and he'd see the humour in a novelty gift like this; our novelty BBQ lighter range is one of our best sellers for a reason - because men love them.

If you're shopping for a fun Valentines Day gift for men, or perhaps something light hearted for a birthday gift, he won't forget this one in a hurry.

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How can you spend Valentines Day in a manly way?

So your boyfriend or husband doesn't want to curl up on the couch with a box of chocolates and a romantic movie? Maybe this year you can surprise him with some delicious cuts of steak, some beer, and a day spent outdoors. A barbecue is a great way to spend time with each other. Everything But Flowers has many great Valentines gifts for men perfect for a day of barbecuing, including novelty BBQ lighters. For example, our manly and useful Pipe Wrench Butane Gas BBQ Lighter is a great gift.

Even if a barbecue isn't his thing, instead of opting for a romantic-comedy, watch a fun action film or his favourite movie. You dont have to make the date all about him, but meet him halfway to make the day enjoyable for each of you.

If your man does enjoy a bit of sentimentality, turn Valentines Day on its head and send him flowers, a box of chocolates, and a sweet note!

Whats the key to finding the perfect Valentines gifts for men?

Its tempting to give Valentines gifts for men that are gooey and lovey-dovey, but Valentines Day is a great time to give a wide variety of gifts. We have lovely and useful Valentines gifts for men at Everything But Flowers. Browse through our BBQ section, books, and gift hampers.

Why not take the pressure off of your significant other?

Buying romantic, sweet gifts can put a lot of pressure on your man. Valentines Day can be stressful instead of enjoyable if the pressure to find the right gift is too high. As you search for Valentines gift for men, let him know that, at least this year, youll be easy to please. Either let him know exactly what you want or let him know that you love him for him, not for the gifts he gives.

And dont forget to take the pressure off of yourself. Finding the right Valentines gifts for men doesn't have to be difficult. Think about what he loves, the hobbies he enjoys, and browse Everything But Flowers to find something fun and useful for your significant other this year. Even something as simple as our Pipe Wrench Butane Gas BBQ Lighter makes a wonderful gift for your man.