PUNCH Hole Punch

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It's time to have a little fun. This novelty hole punch is the perfect novelty gift idea no matter the occasion, it's sure to have them smiling. Looking for funny Valentines gift ideas? This hole punch could be it. If he's been stressed at work, he'll love the humour this gift shows.

No more stress balls, they are simply way too predictable to be a worthy gift. This novelty padded hole punch not only makes office filing a breeze, but helps relieve stress too. Just another fantastic novelty gift idea from Everything But Flowers. Being Australia's premium gift website for all occasions means we can offer free delivery on qualifying orders too. Happy punching at home or at the office.!

Delivery: Flat Rate of $10.95 Australia-wide. Order over $99.00 for FREE delivery.

Let’s Get Novel with your next Gift’s for Men!

Life gets a little a punchy sometimes and those busy days in the office can make you want to punch something! Don’t worry you are saved with this novel men’s gift, the Punch Hole Punch. Take your frustrations out on the endless administration and paperwork with your new best sidekick - The Punch Hole Punch. It can be really hard to find the perfect present for men who have everything, and that’s why we are here to help. Our dedicated team of Men’s Novelty Gifts specialists design our ranges of unique and exclusive novelty gifts for those blokes who love a laugh and a good hole puncher!

Novelty Gifts for Men make memorable moments!

It is time to have a little novelty fun this Father’s Day or Kris Kringle, or for any occasion. The Punch Hole Punch will be a sure winner as novelty gifts. They make awesome Father’s Day Gifts for those dads who still love a little bit of boxing AND their administration. The Punch Hole Punch will be his new best friend, a dual operating, double hitting novelty gift for Father’s Day. The Punch Hole Punch is makes perfect gifts for men who are a little stressed and need a release. The Punch Hole Punch is a novelty hole punch constructed with a durable padded hole punch that not only relieves the stress but keeps the filing in pristine order! Make this Father’s Day gift memorable with the Punch Hole Punch.

No boring Stationary here at Everything But Flowers

Boring Stationary is a thing of the past! We dedicate ourselves to finding the coolest novelty gifts for men from around the world. The Punch Hole Punch has taken hole punching to a whole new level of office organisation and order. He can round up that stationary, paper work, filing and administration with one big punch from the Punch Hole Punch. We have to admit that stationary can be a little bland, and no one really wants to put their hand up to deal with stationary! Well they will now with this novelty hole punch. The Punch Hole Punch is finished with a soft punchy red casing so those endless hole punches take the blow, every time! Gifts for Men can go ten rounds with the hole punching and come back for the gold medal of Novelty Gifts for men. Forget the hours and stress of boring stationary filing, send your favourite fella this amazing and fun novelty gift.

Everything But Flowers has you covered for all Gift Occasions!

We are proud of our vast collection of unique and exclusive gifts for men and novelty gifts. We have been sending fun and laughs to men all over the country who all have cherished their little bit of cheeky Novelty Gift. If you are looking at sending the Punch Hole Punch somewhere in Australia, no worries. You can take a browse through our ‘Delivery’ page for options to get the Punch Hole Punch to your favourite man anywhere in Australia!