Sophie La Girafe: First Words Board Book

This Cute Book Makes Learning Fun.

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Let Sophie take your child on a journey to find her toys, food and other items in this book of first words. Sophie La Girafe’s creators are clever and inspired and their products are loved by children and adults alike, and we know this book with be a winner.

With playful bright images and large bold type, this book encourages babies and young children to engage and have fun while promoting letter and word recognition. Hiding away under each colourful flap is a surprise object that will have little readers wanting to read the book from front to back over and over; what a precious way to spend quality time. We stock some great gifts for toddlers, and this is definitely one of them.

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Discover Our Recommended Birthday Presents for a First Birthday!

A first birthday is quite a special occasion, so finding a good present is a requirement. Fortunately, you can count on Everything but Flowers to provide you with a large selection of birthday presents for kids, each delivering something original and fun. Curious what our recommended presents are for a first birthday? Discover our top birthday presents for kids below!

Why Should I Choose the First Words Book?

Something educational and fun is a good idea for a first birthday, so the Sophie La Giraffe First Words book from our birthday presents for kids catalogue is certainly a good suggestion. First Words takes the young recipient on an adventure, because Sophie needs to find her toys, food and other items!

The story in this book is perfect for a child who has just celebrated his or her first birthday. The images used in First Word have bold colours and the font used for the words is big enough to be appealing and engaging for children. So, if you want to encourage a young child to learn how to speak and read, First Words from our birthday presents for kids collection is an excellent choice!

Why Should I Choose the Elephant Wooden Pull Along Toy?

Our Elephant Wooden Pull Along Toy from our birthday presents for kids catalogue is a good toy to promote a child’s walking skills. If you find your child still crawling too much, this little elephant from our birthday presents for kids collection will give your child the motivation needed to walk instead!

The Elephant Wooden Pull Along Toy measures 15 cm x 18 cm, with a string that measures 24 cm. The length of the string is determined strategically though, because it is especially chosen for children of 12 months and older.

Why Should I Choose Bella the Bunny Plush?

Everyone can remember a cuddly toy from their childhood that has a special place in their heart. Many adults still have that cuddly toy, and hope to pass it on to their own children one day. Bella the Bunny Plush could be that toy for your young recipient.

Bella the Bunny Plush measures 37 cm x 15 cm, which makes it big enough to be safe for a young recipient. Bella the Bunny Plush is also made from a soft material and does not contain any small parts that could be swallowed. So, maybe this is the perfect companion for your young recipient?

Why Should I Choose Sophie the Giraffe Signature Kids Sunglasses?

Sophie the Giraffe is an extremely popular brand for kids. Her image is often used for teethers and toys, but now she also has her own line of children’s sunglasses. If your young recipient prefers Sophie La Giraffe, then you should certainly consider these Sophie La Giraffe Signature Kids Sunglasses.

The Sophie the Giraffe Signature Kids Sunglasses are made with shatterproof Australian lenses. Therefore, the sunglasses provide standard protection against the sun, but also extra durability so your young recipient can play without worry.

If you choose the Sophie the Giraffe Signature Kids Sunglasses, you will also receive a special protective pouch and a removable silicone head strap. So, your young recipient can be fully prepared this summer!

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Customers who are looking for a fun book to read to a child before bedtime should consider Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada, a delightful book written by famous comedian Jimmy Falon. The book is a wink to how dedicated fathers are to make their child’s first word dada, so Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada is entertaining for the child as well as the parents.

Why Should I Choose the King Koala Knit Toy & Knit Blanket?

If you prefer handmade quality for your young recipient, you could consider the King Koala Knit Toy & Knit Blanket. As the name suggests, this set contains a beautiful knitted toy and a knitted blanket, which is certainly going to make any birthday a lot softer and more comfortable!

The knitted blanket inside the King Koala Knit Toy & Knit Blanket measures a spacious 95 cm x 80 cm and is made from the finest cotton; this makes the blanket suitable for children with a sensitive skin! The toy is also made from soft cotton and filled with a 100% polyester from extra softness. What else could a toddler want?

What Other Birthday Presents Can You Recommend for a First Birthday?

At Everything but Flowers, customers can filter our catalogue by the age range of the recipient. So, if you are browsing our kids range, you can set the filter to only display presents for children aged 12 months and older. Of course, you can also count on some personal recommendations from the Everything but Flowers team when you contact us by telephone, email or live chat!