Clamshell Trinket Tray

A Chic Ceramic Tray with a Pearlescent Glaze

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This stunning Clamshell Trinket Tray is designed to keep keys, jewellery, and loose coins safe until they’re needed. The tray is super useful, but it also features a beautiful pearlescent glaze that’s sure to impress any gift recipient. In fact, it makes the perfect decorative addition to a teenage girl’s bedroom or bathroom. She’ll love being able to keep her rings and trinkets in such a gorgeous tray!

The ceramic tray measures approximately 10.8 x 11.4 x 10.2cm. Clean using a damp cloth. Do not put in the dishwasher.

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The Greatest Presents for Teenage Girls!

Buying a great gift for a teenage girl is not always that easy, especially when you think about their changing preferences, likes, and dislikes. Fortunately, there are some universal choices where gifts are concerned, which you can always fall back on when in doubt. So, without further ado, here are some of the greatest presents for teenage girls!

What Is the First Great Present for a Teenage Girl?

Teenage girls like to express their individuality; this can reflect in the clothes they wear, but also the jewellery they have. Some teens prefer necklaces and rings, while others express their uniqueness through piercings. Still, no matter which group your recipient belongs to, you can always take advantage of the Clamshell Trinket Tray as a gift.

The Clamshell Trinket Tray is an amazing gift, since it enables your teen recipient to store her favourite trinkets and jewellery and display them in her room. Becoming an individual requires a display of her personality, and this can be achieved with the Clamshell Trinket Tray.

As the name of this product suggests, the Clamshell Trinket Tray is a ceramic tray with a clamshell design. It can be used to store all types of things; this includes jewellery, coins, and even keys. So, this memento for a special occasion will be used for years to come.

What Is the Second Great Present for a Teenage Girl?

Is your recipient quite the Beyoncé fan? If so, we have the perfect gift for your recipient in the form of ‘Beyoncégraphica’, a full biography of American singer and actress Beyoncé.

Beyoncégraphica’ gives a teen instant access to many photographs and information about queen B. With a total of 256 pages and an in-depth view of music journalist Chris Roberts, this book cannot be missing from the collection of true Beyoncé fans.

What Is the Third Great Present for a Teenage Girl?

Our next suggestion is quite special, because many teens keep this book for the rest of their life! The book we are about to suggest cannot be classified under the category of literature or even romance novels, since our suggestion for teens is ‘My Life Story’.

‘My Life Story’ is one of the biggest diaries or journals in existence today. It was created with the intend of lasting a hundred years, so this diary or journal can stay with your recipient throughout her life. When she’s older, she can look back at some of her memories from teen years. Of course, she can also use it to record milestone moments she will experience over the years to come.

What Is the Fourth Great Present for a Teenage Girl?

Teens like funky and fashionable things that can make them stand out! Of course, it helps when this funky and fashionable item is also valuable and fancy. Therefore, the perfect gift for a teenage girl could be our OOZOO Mermaid Tail Watch.

OOZOO is a Dutch watch brand that creates some of the finest watches for children, teens, women, and men. The OOZOO Mermaid Tail Watch is designed with teens and young adults in mind, featuring a design of a mermaid fishtail on the wristband and a softer gold for the watch face.

There are more OOZOO watches available at Everything but Flowers, but the OOZOO Mermaid Tail Watch is by far our favourite for teens. What is not to like about this gorgeous watch? It has a sharp price, stunning design, and a colourful wristband to make the teen stand out from everyone else.

What Is the Fifth Great Present for a Teenage Girl?

As we mentioned briefly earlier, teenage girls find it important to express themselves as individuals. You can contribute to that with clothing and accessories you buy as gifts, but you could also get them something cool for their bedroom.

One of our recommendations for a teenager is a set of our Tropical Fairy Lights. The Tropical Fairy Lights from Everything but Flowers resemble the adventurous nature of a tropical island, using light-up charms such as flamingos and palm trees.

Everything but Flowers provides other lights that can be used in a bedroom as a decoration. So, if these tropical lights are far from your recipient’s preferences or personality, check out some of the other options they will like.

How Can I Find More Great Presents for Teenage Girls?

There is much more to discover at Everything but Flowers, so you are not limited to the presents for teenage girls we have recommended today. To discover more great presents for teenage girls, simply head over to our ‘teenage girls’ catalogue and check out the most popular teen gifts being sold today. Of course, you can also count on the advice of the Everything but Flowers team, who will be more than happy to provide some top recommendations.