It seemed only yesterday that a little angel captured your willing heart, and as the special girl in your life comes of age, it is only proper to gift her with only the finest and most captivating items that reflect the lady she is becoming. Whether the young woman has inclinations toward the traditional, modern, or somewhere in between, Everything But Flowers has got you covered with our exclusive selection of gift ideas fit for any occasion for the best-loved teenage girl.

Gifts For Teenage Girls

For the fun-loving, sometimes zany but definitely awesome chick, our range of novelty gifts and humorous book titles will surely get her gears going.

The whimsical ‘Zombies Have Issues’ from Greg Stones is a laugh parade with pictures of everyday scenes featuring the undead and their gripes about the world meant for the living. We also have ‘You Might Be a Zombie and Other Bad News’ arranged by the clever and hilarious folks at, which is overflowing with eccentric trivia.

The Spynet Secret Video Watch and the World's Smallest Laser Guns will delight the little lady who has leanings towards espionage and cool gadgets. For more useful everyday objects that offer a playful twist, there’s the Hole Punch, Condiment Gun and Grenade Mug.

The Neon Colouring Book is like no other, with pages of unique pictures meant for only the most outrageous and dazzling tints and hues. Transforming a corner of the room into an out-of-this-world sci-fi scene is easily doable with the Millennium Plasma Ball, which is filled with ionised gases that create beautiful lightning-like patterns.

If she has a taste for adventure and new horizons, you can choose to give her an unforgettable and thrilling experience such as the Airbus A320 Flight Simulator in Sydney or Melbourne, the Bondi Surf Experience, or the adrenaline pumping Thunder Twist Jet Boat ride in Sydney. For the young traveller, the Scratch Map is a cool way to keep track of all the places she’s been to and other places she dreams of visiting.

The animal lover will delight in having a well-placed scarlet-coloured Gus The Pug Sculpture in her sanctuary. ‘Dog About Town’ penned by dog trainer and behaviourist Louise Glazebrook talks about the furry-filled realities of raising a happy dog in the city, while ‘Underwater Puppies’ is a delightful follow-up to the New York Times bestseller ‘Underwater Dogs’ and is replete with vibrant and cute images of adorable puppies playfully photographed by Seth Casteel. ‘Grumpy Cat - A Grumpy Guide to Life’ features the lovable internet meme star and his grumpy observations about the mundane and life in general.

The young modern woman will surely benefit from charming nuggets of information included in the book ‘Prudent Advice for Every Woman’ by Jaime Morrison Curtis, which is a quirky primer composed of 500 inspiring lessons and observations originally and lovingly directed to the author's daughter. Similarly, ‘Whatever You Are, Be a Good One’ is a collection of wise quotations filtered through some of history's great minds like Marie Curie, Joan of Arc and Jack Kerouac.

Some girls just wanna have fun with beauty-enhancing makeup as well as pampering themselves. MOR Modern Apothecary's collection of premium cosmetics and can be an excellent addition to her luxury dresser such as the Marshmallow Stars Gift Set which includes an indulgent body wash and milk and an exquisite eau de parfum. Other popular favourites from MOR include its Snow Gardenia Body Butter, Belladonna Emporium Body Butter, Blood Orange Body Butter and Rosehip Lip Tint Tin. The very special Shining Duo in Marshmallow comes with a vitamin-enriched hand cream, triple-milled soapette and a limited edition cosmetic purse.

Modern and alluring jewellery always adds a splendid touch to any young woman's appeal and our range of elegant accessories is guaranteed to charm. Pretty and funky Andy & Molly Braided Leather Bracelets are available in black, grey and red leather with crystal quartz and pewter charms. Cielo Gelato Watches by Lambretta Watches are bold and cute, inspired by the iconic style of the Italian scooter brand made popular in the 60s. The Belle Noel by Kim Kardashian line of stunning rings is dramatic and avant garde which includes the Black Glam Rock Ring, Corset Ring and the Midnight Ring. Vivid Jewellery Necklaces come in dreamy beach colours and are made of well-crafted wooden beads, easily transporting the wearer to her tropical fantasies.

The Ciat Feather Manicure Set will give that defining edge to her look, as well as any of the alluring shades of OPI and Nicole by Opi Nail Lacquer such as Panda-monium Pink, Vampsterdam, and A Rose at Dawn.

The Friendship Bracelet Making Kit comes in both classic and neon colours, perfect for exchanging beautiful tokens of friendship and sealing lifelong bonds between girlfriends.

For a really special gift, check out the Individual Makeover & Photo Shoot. This offers a whole day of beauty and glamour that culminates in a pro-level fashion shoot fit for the pages of Vogue and Vanity Fair.

For the chic youngster who loves the idea of creating a room of her very own, we have lots of great home décor gifts to choose from. A young woman's desk or room is a reflection of the lady she is becoming. A pair of Black Elk Bookends, Apple & Pear Bookends or A to Z Bookends will keep her books all lined up and neat while doubling as eye catching decor. Her photographs can be beautifully set and protected in a Carrington Photo Frame, Cream and Gold Round Photo Frame, or a pair of Bella Pink Butterfly Photo Frames. The Retro Wooden Desk Calendar and Mantel Clock can help her keep track of time in classic fashion. Love Stones and Dream Stones are charming artworks meant to inspire. The Aurora Jewellery Stand, which resembles the graceful butterfly, is an innovative display idea for her precious adornments, while our clever Storage Boxes in Abstract and Multi-Colour prints will store memorable and cherished keepsakes.

The rising domestic goddess with a gourmand's propensities will enjoy the Cheese Making Workshop, Chocolate Walking Tour in Melbourne or Preserving the Harvest Cooking Class in Victoria. You can also add new items to her growing collection of quaint kitchen tools, which enable her to create temptingly sweet and savoury goodies, such as the Waffle Cone Maker Set, Burger Press, Electric Pizza Oven, Belgian Waffle Maker, Dumpling Maker Set and Oriental Sushi Set. Retro meets modern with our premium Anna Gare products like the Hearts Cookie Stamp Set and Cherries Vintage Apron.

The Icy Pole Recipe Book contains 50 recipes of tasty frozen combinations such as Strawberries and Cream, and Orange and Lemon, as well as interesting picks like Cantaloupe and Basil, and Ruby Grapefruit and Campari.

The cookbook ‘Around the World with Little Kitchen’ introduces the budding chef to international flavours with delectable exotic recipes such as Lamb Souvlaki from Greece or Japanese Udon Noodle Salad. There’s also the breakfast book ‘Pancakes, Crepes, Waffles & French Toast’, which is filled with luxurious brunch recipes and combined with a Creperie and Pancake Set will make an irresistibly sweet inspiration for the lass with kitchen sass.

For the darling with a sweet tooth, the Sweet Bites Gift Hamper is filled with a selection of enticing treats including Great Temptations Carrot & Walnut Cakes with Cream Frosting, Butlers Chocolates Caramels and yummy goodies from Maison Fossier. The Pamper Hamper with Rose comes with a bottle of Brown Brother's Crouchen Riesling Ros accompanied with premium body and bath products from MOR Modern Apothecary.

At Everything But Flowers, we always have great ideas for the special little lasses that will be treasured and remembered as they transition into young adults. Whether it’s for a birthday, graduation, Christmas, or any other occasion, we’ll help you get sorted in the most elegant and convenient way possible.